Correction of parents' name in birth certificate

My name is Vasuki Narasimha, and I was born in Puttur, Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka and I'm living in Sringeri since then. Currently, my parents names in the birth certificate excludes their initials. It is an obstacle for me to get the passport.

2 years ago, an official in the passport office in Mangalore told me to go to Puttur town office and get the name corrected. So I went straight ahead to Puttur town office and met the Birth and Death Registrar. There was a man sitting in front of the registrar, whom the registrar told me to go with. That guy took me to his office and on the way he told me that he'll talk to the officers and I have to pay him 2,500. I asked him "Why, is it so expensive to modify the records?" before I got his reply that "We should pay the officers, you know?". After all, he was a lawyer and I would have happily paid him some reasonable amount if he told me it was his fee. Those are the ones who have to lead us, but he was about to bribe! I found he's an embarrassment to the group of lawyers.

Anyway, I came back to the registrar's office and spoke to him. The registrar told me that I've to fine Section 80 in the court and it will take about a year to get the name corrected and showed me a previous file as an example. I said "it's OK, I would rather wait for my passport, thank you" and left.

I spoke to a local lawyer and he told me to send an affidavit from my father. I'm not familiar with affidavits and all. So I lost interest and kept the topic aside. I'm sorry for going off topic. 

Today, I remembered "sakala" service from Karnataka Govt. and called them to ask if correction of parents' names in the birth certificate comes under their service. They told me to file and affidavit at the court.

This is where exactly my problem lies:

  1. Should I file affidavit in Sringeri court, or Puttur court?
  2. What is the format of the affidavit?
  3. How much would be the total expense? (An approximate amount would be enough)

1. The person in "Saka care" told me to talk to Tahashildar, but I have exams till June 05, 2012. So I thought this is a great place to ask.

2. Please put an example if you have one masking the original names.

Thank you.





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