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This is related to a sucide case at my friends family. My friends and his wife had some quarrel, his wife ate some insecticides after the quarrel, was taken to hospital, ther she recovered and gave 'statememt' to police. then after one day her health went down and after 1 week she died.

When she took the poisom she was 1-2 month pregnant, and the doctor told to remove the baby as she has been given strong medicines which are not good for baby, however the doctor told to wait for 2-3 days , so that her body becomes fit for abortion.

But the family members for the girl forced the doctor to carry on the abortion just 1 day after she gave police statement. even the hospital form form for abortion is signed by the girls brother , and not by her husband.

The real cause of her death is , infection caused because of the abortion. The same is written in her death certificate but not clearly. ( its written that she came to hospital because of poisioning of insecticide, and cause of death is poisioning and infection of abortion).

In her statement, she said that she is being harassed by her family members and husband for dowry and beaten. (In actual this is not true).

There is a FIR of dowry and family voilence against my friends and his family. But, there is no arrest warrent and no arrests done

I know that my friend and his family is innocent, i want to know from experts how can my friends and his family get out of all this?



At the bottom of the query UR simply saying that Ur friends family is innocent for the whole incident but whereas it was they who forced for the abortion. Primavfacie of their involvement is clearly established along with the statement of the deceased woman.


Why was the admission form signed by the brother and not by the husband? Who brought her to the hospital? There are many questions to be answered in UR query for arriving at a right conclusion. Arrests will take place once the IO completes the investigation. It is too early to predict innocence of the accused.

Prima facie, it appears that either you are ignorant about correct and complete facts involved or are hidding important facts of the case.   How do you know that her husband/his family are totally innocent as claimed.   In the normal course, if that was the case, in the normal course,  no sane person  may  have decided to end her life, especially when she was pregnant !   Therefore, unless rebutted by strong evidence otherwise, there would reasonably be  a prima facie presumption against your friend and he has to prove his innocence .   Let the matter be properly investigated and the true facts come out.


Mr.Jyoti Giri Once FIR filled means your family member will suffer if they are innocent or not try to get a good dedicated lawyer tell him the REAL fact collect each and every documents that your friend family maintain the deceased with pleasure and not harassed try to get anticipatory bail to all to whose names are in FIR (Not possible for A1) at once. if your friend is innocent don't panic.

Try to pacify the deceased family that is the only best way to overcome this case.


As it is matter of death.  You need to contact good criminal lawyer.

They wont leave you until you are punished if you r reallly guilty or you may try for settlement by offering lumpsum money.


In which Indian State the F.I.R filed? 

In this case Only the Higher Judiciary can help.

Without wasting time approach a good criminal Lawyer of concerned High Court.

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