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Ravi (a)     18 June 2015


dear all,

do we have any 498b section against wife by husband? 



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saravanan s (legal advisor)     18 June 2015

no such section is available in ipc.

Q Slinger (NA)     18 June 2015

I wish people used google first before posting on these forums! 

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sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     19 June 2015

Yup, there is bus number which goes to Nagarbhavi and Mysore ORR from Peenya. 498B

Ravi (a)     19 June 2015

thank you all for your views.

i heard from senior lawyers that the law 498b against wife by husband similar to 498a is being built in the indian law. it's still not in the media or news. trust me it is going to come at some point in time.

i just asked here to check if anybody heard about it like me.

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     19 June 2015

I agree with Mr. Q Slinger.


Please see the following link.

Q Slinger (NA)     19 June 2015

Ravi...A smart man realises when he is wrong and keeps quite...he does not justify the answers he receives with futher comments, doing so will actually make him look stupid. Take a look at what happend to another person who asked about 498b, 498c!


Now, I am not sure where your lawyer did his law from or where he practices..but he is full of cow dung..or you probably just misheard and are spreading nonsense. 


Now, now only should you use google, but should also look into how laws are introduced/amended in INDIA! Once you are your lawyer and hire a real one. Till should not post anything that will make you sound like an unintelligent person.

Ravi (a)     19 June 2015

QSlinger - there is no outrageous. Google has abundant information to consume whereas this club is meant to discuss a lot. you dont need to judge people because of their ignorance whatsoever. if you are expert in law, you can give people advices, directions, pointers etc. but cannot be rude with them.

if you think the query has no value or repeat of something, you dont need to answer to it at all. furthermore, you are entitled to your opinion. 

People come here becasue they trust this forum and experts for good advises and reliefs they get. that's it.

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Q Slinger (NA)     19 June 2015

Its people like you with incomplete and half baked information that not only confuse people but also promote unwarranted and unneeded hype...


These forums are for asking legitimate questions about law..not to verify your half baked information that you got for someone. Had you taken the effort of searching these forums, you would have easily found the link that I posted above.


So, next time you want to rant...find some basis for that rant..don't just shoot off just cos these forums are free....

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     21 June 2015

मुफ्त के चंदन घिस मेरे नंदन

लम्बा तिलक लगा बाबा

पैसा कोई मांगे तो आगे आगे जा बाबा



Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     22 June 2015

Without indicating anybody my opinion is,


If somebody feels that people of India have half knowledge on law then being an expert it is his duty to give full knowledge to make that man a better decision maker.


Knowledge is power.


However, I have seen experts teases them, abuses them and remain them more confused by giving them confusing answers because a lot of expert wishes to remain the problem in the society for their exertion.  


Dear Friend,


Please try to understand this point. Leave confusing attitude and gather knowledge by googling and increase your will power. That will make you super-hero and wash way the problem from  your life as well as from the society.  


A good thing is always good for both of you and the society.


wel said


let the knowledge flow

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     23 June 2015

Sure. Thanks!

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