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The Salient Features of the New MTP Bill! What are your views?

MEDICAL TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY BILL: RELIEF FOR WOMEN OR PROBABLE MISUSE FOR FEMALE FOETICIDE?The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2020, was passed by the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. It seeks to amend the section 3 of the Medical Termi

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Constitutional Vision for Glorious Bharat By Justice Durai Karunakaran!

"Constitutional Vision for Glorious Bharat" Justice Durai Karunakaran Former Chief Justice Republic of Seychelles I would lik

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Applying the Test of 'Reasonable Classification' and 'Intelligible Differentia' on the CAA!

The new Citizenship Amendment Act mentions certain classes, groups or people and attracts Article 14 of the Constitution of India. Article 14 is appli

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Everything About Indian Citizenship and Related Laws (CAB+) - Explained!

The people in Indian Territory are divided into two categories: citizens and non-citizens. Indian Constitution provides distinct rights for citizens a

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Rti application doubt

Posted by Prajesh Jehan

Im planning to submit an RTI application to Anna Universtity,Chennai.
How many queries shall an applicant can ask in a single RTI application?.
I'm seeking information for 4 nested queries in single RTI application related to my issue.
What's the time duration for the information officer to reply for my queries?

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Updated on : 01/04/2020 11:30:01


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