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Chartered Accountants Monopoly to practice GST Law is Undesirable

1. All the Ministers, MP’s, MLA’s and Judges in India are under wrong impression that only Chartered Accountants are in practice of taxation. Therefore, the taxation laws are being drafted only with the advice of Chartered Accountants working in various Government Departments or as the case may be with the advice of the Institute of Charte..

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Why fool tax payers is the major question, tax payers themselves question.


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How GST affects me

“Stop getting taxed due to taxes – know the law and its impact on you!”   GST is set to change the face of the way business is done in India, bringing in more transparency and greater ease of doing business. As a consumer, read on to know how th..

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Gearing up for filing income tax returns

Taxes are the biggest source of revenue of government of India, for its day to day expenses and social welfare measures. Normally tax collections are divided in Direct Tax and Indirect Tax category. Income Tax comes under the Direct Taxes group and this is biggest source of  revenue under..

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Developer/building works contractor under Haryana VAT

Building works contractors/developers in Haryana were not paying tax since there were no proper guidelines or Rules prescribed under Haryana Value Added Tax Act, 2003. Now, Haryana Government has prescribed the rules for building works contractor/developer after the direction of Punjab & Haryana High Court while deciding the case of M/s CHD Developers Limited..

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Service Tax Law in India - Some not focused Changes

In this age of digital India, everything is moving pretty fast. You can see the working style, the jobs, the legal disputes, the marketing strategies etc. This has also starting affecting the government as well. We can Companies Act, 2013 has already been placed, Goods and Service tax (GST) is on a roll and Income tax Act, has already changed a lot. Though GST ha..

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Financial crisis likely again if right measures not taken

Financial Crises why we faced, why we could face? &nbsp; Factors Financial Economics history is forgotten &nbsp; 1930s <p styl..

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A note on the adjudication procedure under Tamil Nadu VAT 2006

Filling of returns Every dealer, registered under this Act, shall file return, in the prescribed form showing the total and taxable turnover within the prescribed period in the prescribed manner, along with proof of payment of tax. The tax under this section shall become due without any notice of demand to the dealer on the date of receipt of the return or on the last date of the period for ..

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Budget 2016-17 - Income Tax & some other comments

Introduction: &nbsp; This year&rsquo;s overall &nbsp;Union Budget is &nbsp;just&nbsp; like an &nbsp;election budget- trying to please more of &nbsp;poor voters-nothing is wrong in it but schemes launched for them must be strictly monitored / implemented &nbsp;and benefits&n..

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EPCG- Introduction and Procedure

Introduction:- &nbsp; EPCG scheme enables a Indian manufacturer all service provided to obtain capital goods at nil rate of customs duty against commitment of export obligation. The objective is to facilitate import of capital goods producing quality..

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GST Returns: Whether a Compliance Nightmare?

Introduction: &nbsp; A return is a mirror reflection of the state of financial affairs of an assessee for a specified period. It serves as an important link between the taxpayer and tax administration inasmuch as it aids the compliance verification program of tax administra..

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Income tax Law vs. Property Law- A Case (Law) Study

PROLOGUE: &nbsp; The topic calling for a critical analysis is the Judgment of the SC recently delivered in a dispute between a property owner and the IT Department (the Revenue). The issue is centred on the jurisdict..

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Settle past tax disputes before GST implementation

Settle past disputes &amp; then move to GST &nbsp; A. Prelude: &nbsp; THERE are many disputes pending in the present indirect tax laws (both Central and State laws), whi..

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Registration process under GST

Registration process under Goods and Service Tax (GST) &nbsp; A. Prelude: &nbsp; The success of GST would depend to a large extent on a robust GST Network as it will be th..

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GST Payments - Analysis of Processes

Payments under GST - Business Process &nbsp; Introduction: &nbsp; The Joint Committee has submitted its report on various business processes in April 2015 and it was made..

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