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family law

Tracing Ancestry through newspapers and magazines

"The rise of written records heralded a gradual erosion of oral traditions." Many of our ancestors appeared in newspapers and magazines, in birth, marriage, and death announcements, advertising their services as tradesmen or professionals, as parties in lawsuits, attending public meetings, suing for damage, being trie..

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Tracing Genealogy through directories and almanacs

Directories are published lists of peoples' addresses and occupations, which in the 18th, 19th, and early-mid-20th centuries fulfilled broadly the same role as telephone directories do today. They are useful for gaining a snapshot of the communities in which ancestors lived. By searching a series of directories, they can give an idea of when our forebears lived ..

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Manorial Records - Substitute for Parish records for Genealogy

Manorial records can be a marvellous complement to or substitute for parish records. They record their own ancestors inheriting land, from large farms to tiny rented cottages and vegetable patches, generation by generation, often providing more detail and going much further back than parish records. Their slight drawback is that they can be harder to use, but they w..

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Parish Records - Foundation of modern English Genealogy

In the early Middles Ages, manorial lords would keep a priest in their household, and usually ended up building a separate chapel for them to say Mass. Out of the Lord's manorial landholdings grew the parishes, and from the private chapels developed parish churches. Many parish registers were kept during the Middle Ages, bu..

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All you need to know about illegitimacy

If all your family born within wedlock, married once and stayed happily and faithfully married, you are likely to find tracing your ancestry quite easy – and probably quite boring. Events such as illegitimacy cause great problems to genealogists, but can also prove the most interesting overall. ILLEGITIMACY p st..

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The origin of wills under the English law

Wills are written by people to express how they wish their property and money to be inherited when they die. Because people usually leave legacies to close family, they are immensely useful to genealogists wishing to learn about and prove family relationships. WHAT WILLS ARE While wills ..

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An analysis on Maintenance for wife and children

Synopsis This article deals with maintenance under Hindu Marriage Act and several Personal Laws. This article will talk about how maintenance is a concept in current scenario and how it evolved over a period of time. Moreover, this article will further talk about provisions governing maintenance of wife and children. In the l..

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Welfare Of The Child Is A Most Significant Consideration

THE FACTS OF THE CASE: The Supreme Court was considering an appeal filed by a father of a three and a half year old child against the conditions imposed by the Karnataka High Court while allowing him to take the child back to United States of America. Conditions were; /..

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Increase in Domestic Violence against Women

From the beginning of lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic, the National Commission for Women (NCW) launched an Ad campaign through electronic media and social media inviting women who have suffered any kind of violence to come forward and report it. Further, in addition to handling complaints received through regular modes, NCW has also launched a WhatsApp number 7217..

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Right to Claim of Maintenance: Law is unbiased; find the right text in law

One of the most common phrases in the legal world is “Law is a matter of interpretation” but it’s the lawyers job to figure out, under which interpretation will the justice be served best to his or her client, and the recent Supreme Court judgement proves that even if you are morally and ethically correct in seeking justice for your cause, to be le..

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Divorce Proceedings by Power of Attorney

Introduction- There is no doubt that divorce is one of the most troublesome periods of life that a married couple experiences. In India, since divorce is considered as a personal issue, it is associated with religion such as The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 oversees the separation for the Jains, Sikh..

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Medical negligence and its Compensation

Medical negligence in India has increased tremendously in the past few years. In recent times, the Indian Society is experiencing a growing awareness regarding the patient's rights. Since the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, has come into force, patients are able to file legal cases against doctors, by establishing that they were negligent in providing medical ser..

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HC rules, states can register non-mutual divorce from foreign court

In an exemplary and groundbreaking decision, the Kerala High Court ordered that a State can register non-mutual divorce from a Foreign Court. In furtherance of this order, the Kerala High Court directed to register a case of non-mutual divorce. The divorce was granted by a foreign Shariah Court. In the present case, both the parties..

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When husband does not pay maintenance regularly, recovery claims become more cruel than the married life was

SYNOPSIS: This article features the plight of wedded women who attempt to look for divorce from their spouses and inspects the legislative help accessible to them to advance out of this mental and financial crisis. INTRODUCTION: The word ..

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Difficulties faced by men in Family Courts

A woman in India can file various cases against men according to the Indian laws. A marriage is considered as a soulful connection between a man and the woman and is performed through different marriage laws which include the Hindu Marriage Act, Personal Marriage Act, etc. However, nowadays, this institution of marriage is easily broken. There has been an increase in ..

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