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civil law

Intellectual Property: Registration and Effects

This article will help you understand the process of registration of your IP, and the effects of its non-registration. If you are here because you are aggrieved by the infringement of your IP, scroll downto know your rights, and understand the steps to be taken in case of such infringement. First things first, you need to know the nature of your IP to get it registered. After determin..

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3 Very Important Judgments of 2022

IMPORTANT SUPREME COURT JUDGMENTS 2022 1. Gurmail Singh & Anr. Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh & Anr Impact or effect if one of the convicted co-accused has died during the pendency of Criminal Appeal. Ten defendants were found guilty in this case under Section 302/149 IPC by the Trial Court, and each appealed to the Allahabad High Court. Se..

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Modes of call recordings accepted by court

A court's responsibility is to discover the truth and further the interests of justice. Courts give precise, relevant facts and evidence that is recorded in a understandto uncover the truth. Evidence is defined as follows in Section 3 of the Indian Evidence Act: 1) all declarations that witnesses are allowed or must make in front of the court concerning the facts being investigated; these s..

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Can registered Will be challenged in Indian Court

In India, the concept of Will has its deep-rooted origin for a very long time; its importance grows with the feeling of transferring family wealth and business from one generation to another with ease. A Will is a declaration by way of an established instrument wherein a person disposes of their property which shall take effect..

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S. 125 (3) CrPC - Composite Civil Imprisonment For More Than A Month Cant Be Imposed In Single Stroke: PH HC

In a fresh, fine and fortunate development, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has as recently as on November 12, 2021 in a learned, latest, landmark and laudable judgment titled Bal Raj vs Priya and others in CRR-1218-2021 (O&M) observed clearly and categorically that in the exercise of its powers under Section 125(3) CrPC, a court can impose composite civil imp..

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Early Disposal Of Pending Civil Cases Directions From High Court

The Civil Procedure Code, 1908, controls the civil procedure of courts in India. The unified Code in civil court procedure has allowed several suits to stay for decades. In most cases, the only need for the Judge is to record reasons in writing. Section 148 of CPC gives power to the Court to enlarge the time fixed by it with regard to an act prescribed or allowed by..

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EVEN AFTER eleven rounds of meeting between the Union Government (government for short) and the Farmers Associations (Associations), no light is seen at the end of the tunnel. Both parties continue to show their recalcitrant attitude over the issue.  While the Associations continue to harp  ‘no dialogue without ..

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Family settlement

Why family settlement is an ideal option? The dispute over common family property is quite a usual thing occurring in every family. When there is a need to divide the common property the unhappy beneficiary may challenge the negotiated settlement and take the matter to the court. The cou..

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Temporary Injunction

Temporary Injunction Citation/Case No.     ..

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All you need to know about Indemnity

Meaning, Definition and Scope: To provide indemnity means to save an individual from loss. In a promise of indemnity one party promises to save another from loss and this is the core concept behind a contract of indemnity between two parties. The party to be saved from incurring loss is refereed to as the ‘indemnity hol..

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Consumer Affairs

Economic development of any country starts and ends with consumers. The Consumer Affairs Ministry is headed by a Cabinet rank Minister and assisted by a Minister of State. The Department of Consumer Affairs is one of the two Departments under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution. It was constituted as a separate Department in June 1..

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Landmark land legislations by Telangana state

The Govt of Telangana introduced landmark legislations in the assembly, seeking to overhaul the revenue administration by simplifying agriculture & non-agricultural land transactions, preventing land encroachments & eradicating corruption at the grassroots level. Chief Minister of Telangana state introduced the Tel..

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Reliefs To Be Sought For In A Suit For Specific Performance

In a suit for specific performance, when there are conflicting rights of parties namely, that of the agreement holder and the subsequent purchaser, what relief, the agreement holder should seek, apart from the relief of specific performance of sale agreement? It assumes significance, since the subsequent sale to a bonafide purchaser for value, who was not put on not..

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Filing A Civil Suit In India

For filing a Civil Suit, the detailed process is laid down in Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. However if the correct process is not followed then the Registry has the right to dismiss it. Registry here means an office which every court have which provides the information about any court matter and court forms..

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Electoral Reforms

The 20th Law Commission under the Chairmanship of  Justice Ajit Prakash Singh and its Report No.255 was submitted on 12th March 2015 to the then Union Minister of Law & Justice Mr. Sadananda Gowda. The issue of Paid News and Political Advertising were elaborately evaluated under Chapter VII of the said report. The crux of their observations are reviewed in ..

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