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What happens if the parties are under a mistake of act?

 11 June 2020

Court stated that 'Contract' is a bilateral transaction between two or more than two parties. Every contract has to pass through several stages beginning with the stage of negotiation during which the parties discuss and negotiate proposals and count

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What would it be deceit or false statement, if prospectus is based on incorrect statement

 11 June 2020

The court held that the act of directors was only in good faith and they issued the prospectus, as they were fully aware that they will get the approval of the Board of Trade for rams. Hence, the claim of shareholders was rejected.

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Case Law - Section 11: Charan Singh v. Major Singh

 11 June 2020

The court found no illegality or perversity in the concurrent findings so recorded by both the courts below. As such, no question of law requiring determination arises in this regular second appeal filed by the appellant-plaintiff, which has no merit

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Whether the wife could ask for more maintenance when husband had not disclosed his true income

 11 June 2020

The High Court, after perusing the record, held that the appellate court erred in placing the burden of proof on the petitioner and erred in holding that she has not placed the details of the contract with regard to the business of the husband. The l

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Whether an aggrieved wife could lodge complaint against relative husband or the male partner

 11 June 2020

The court held that according to section 2(q) of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, indicates that both, an aggrieved wife or a female living in a relationship in the nature of marriage may also file a complaint against a relat

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Limitation which applies only to cognizance

 11 June 2020

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Case of Laxmi Kant Pandey vs Union Of India, AIR 1984

 10 June 2020

The Court entertaining an application for appointment of a foreigner as guardian of a child should not require the representative, of the recognized placement agency processing the application as a co-petitioner nor should the court insist on appoint

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A son born after the (other) sons have become separate from the father, shall take the entire share of the father, when the father is dead, when the father is living, he shall get only a share out of the father's wealth

 10 June 2020

The date and timings of birth of each child is mentioned in the 5th column, meant to mention the said fact But in respect of the entry relating to the respondent the time of birth of the child is not mentioned. Thus, the respondent in our considered

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The amount is payable by way of financial assistance and as such, the law of inheritance would not be applicable

 10 June 2020

If children of Mahavirdas and Shardabai were alive, the compensation of Rs.50,000/ per deceased person would have gone to the children. Since none of them are alive, the scheme indicates that the said amount shall go to the surviving mother or father

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Wherever the relationship between the State and a Citizen is in issue, the personal law of the citizen has little or no relevance

 10 June 2020

The only manner in which the compensation, would serve the ends of justice, would be by directing that the compensation be awarded not according to personal laws, but equitably to the next of kin. The only two claimants are the petitioner and the res

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