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Can a person be imprisoned on the ground that he did not discharge his contractual liability

 26 June 2020

The Court held that the International Law that the remedy for breach of International Law can’t be found in Municipal Courts. The reason behind this is that for enforceability of international law it must first take the form of Municipal Law. It was

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The Habeas Corpus Case

 26 June 2020

The court by a majority of 4 to 1 held that in light of the presidential, no person has the right to make an application under Article 226 of the constitution in superior court for habeas corpus or any other order that contest the lawfulness of an ar

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Collateral agreement with the object of wagering cannot be declared to be void

 26 June 2020

In the present case, the parties had no intention to take delivery of the goods but were only dealing with price differences such that they mutually intended the transaction to be of wagering nature. Although wagers are void u/s 30 of ICA but cannot

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Gift deed set aside as it lacked the free consent of the executor

 26 June 2020

Where a fiduciary or quasi fiduciary relationship has been established, the burden of sustaining the transaction is set upon the party which is going to benefit from it to show that the transaction was of an unobjectionable nature as per s111 of the

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Validity of an age-old practice of not allowing women who range between 10 to 50 years into the temple of Lord Ayyappa in Sabarimala

 26 June 2020

Upon hearing the parties to the case, the Court held that, the exclusionary practice is violative of fundamental rights under Articles 14,15, 17 and 25. Further, the Court went on to say that, Exclusionary practices are contrary to constitutional mor

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The Apex Court invalidated Sec.66A of the Information and Technology Act, 2000 in its entirety

 26 June 2020

The Court invalidated Section 66A of IT Act in its entirety as it violated the right to freedom of expression guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India.

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Plaintiff entitled to claim the reward as the open offer was duly accepted

 25 June 2020

In the opinion of the court, the Plaintiff had substantially fulfilled the terms of the contract. There was an open offer to the whole world on behalf of the Defendant through the handbill and was also capable of getting an acceptance from any person

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Interpretation of Section 52(1)(I)

 25 June 2020

Section 52(1)(i) is the educational exception in the Copyright Act which permits reproduction of copyrighted works in the course of instruction. In the present case, the court held that photocopying qualifies as the reproduction of the work by a teac

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No copyright in ideas, plots or themes

 25 June 2020

It can be concluded from the present judgment that no protection is afforded to the ideas, plots or themes under the Copyright Act, 1957. Therefore, ideas, plots or themes are not a subject matter of copyright law.

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Case Analysis of: State of Madras vs. Srimathi Champakam Dorairajan and Others

 25 June 2020

It was held that classification in the Communal G.O. is on the ground of religion, race and caste. The classification in the Communal G.O. is in abuse of the Constitution and it is a clear violation of the fundamental rights under article 29(2). It w

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