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Whether civilian defense personnel are members of the Armed Forces of the Union

 09 July 2020

The Court referred to the Supreme Court and elaborated that the expression “Armed Forces” has been used to include, non-combatants who though not subject to military law but are a part of the Armed Forces though Section 2 of the Act does not provide

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Freedom of Press in the light of reasonable restrictions

 08 July 2020

Finally, it was decided by the court that the fundamental right of press cannot be snatched, merely on the grounds of apprehension of danger. The court takes a narrow interpretation of the restrictions, in comparison to the freedoms enlisted in claus

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Concept of gender equality at the workplace

 08 July 2020

Upon hearing the parties the Court held that, it is an accepted judicial principle that, fundamental rights are enforceable only against the State but in the present case the respondent Association is registered under the Trade Unions Act, 1926 and t

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Whether the correspondence between the Law Minister, Chief Justice of Delhi and Chief Justice of India, and the relevant notes made by them in regard to the non-appointment of a judge for a further term and the transfer of a High Court Judge privileged from disclosure

 07 July 2020

The concept of autonomy of the judiciary may be a respectable concept which inspires the constitutional scheme and constitutes the foundation on which rests the edifice of our democratic nation. In case there's one guideline which runs through the wh

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Whether the Paryaya system, the practices carried by the temple is an essential practice and whether this practice falls under the ambit of freedom of religion

 07 July 2020

An essential practice should be essentially religious in practice. It should be essentially religious in nature. If it is essentially religious in nature the state does not have any authority to comment on it or to regulate it, except, where there ar

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Whether remission under CrPC can be applied to special laws such as the Army Act to waive time from imprisonment

 07 July 2020

The court allowed the appeal and held that since the convict did not complete 14 years of actual imprisonment, he is liable to complete the same.

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Triple Talaq Verdict

 07 July 2020

This case was a notable decision because it keeps up the trust and faith of the individuals in the judiciary, as in this case, "Equity and justice has overcome religion". This claim was breakthrough point in legal history because it was bold, strong,

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Whether the state can acquire land in a disputed religious place

 07 July 2020

The Preamble to the Constitution of India proclaims that India is a secular democratic republic. Article 15 in Part III of the Constitution, which gives for fundamental rights, suspends the State from discriminating against any citizens on the ground

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Whether the respondent suffered double jeopardy at the hands of the Haryana Roadways Department

 04 July 2020

Double jeopardy is a procedural guard that anticipates a charged person from being tried once more on the same (or similar) charges and on the same facts, following a valid acquittal or conviction. Only certain sorts of criminal cases qualify for dou

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Whether the tanneries ought to be permitted to proceed to function at the cost of lives of lakhs of people

 04 July 2020

The Apex Court delivered its judgment making all endeavors to preserve harmony between environment and development. The Court conceded that these Tanneries in India are the major foreign trade earner and additionally give business to many individuals

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