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Whether a contract was entered between the plaintiff and defendant or not?

 05 June 2020

The court held that in the present case that claim cannot be regarded as one on the basis of contract. The plaintiff was in the service of defendant and as a servant he was sent to find the missing boy. It was his duty to find the boy, however, the a

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Whether the Appellant is entitled to claim the share under Hindu Succession Act,1956?

 05 June 2020

The partition had taken place by a decree of court in 1991 itself. Mrs. Mithlesh Aggarwal, died in 1998. Mere pendency of the execution would not give right to the Appellant, who is husband of Mrs. MithleshAggarwal, to revive an HUF which ceased to e

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Ramanand & others v. Dr. Girish Soni; RC. Rev. 447/2017

 05 June 2020

In this case, the landlord leased the property to the appellants for commercial purposes vide a lease deed that was executed in 1975. In 2008, the landlord filed an eviction petition under Section 14(1)(e) of Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958, which was g

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Theory of Notional Employment in cases of personal injury during employment

 05 June 2020

Order of the High Court dated 09.05.2014 is set aside and the Order of Workmen Compensation Commissioner dated 12.12.2005 is restored.

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Berubari Union Case: 1960

 05 June 2020

The Supreme Court held that the legislative action is necessary for implementation of agreement relating to Berubari union. (a) A law of Parliament relatable to Art. 3 of the Constitution would be incompetent; (b) A law of Parliament relatable to Art

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Whether the deed created a charge in favour of the State bank in order to satisfy the debt under the letter of guarantee

 04 June 2020

M.C. Chacko was held not personally liable to satisfy the debt under the letter of guarantee. Properties which were under the Schedule A of the deed allotted to M.C. Chacko were also held not liable to satisfy the debt due to Kottayam Bank under the

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Whether a stranger /third party can enforce the performance of the contract between the actual parties to a contract?

 04 June 2020

The action is brought by a mortgagee to enforce against a purchaser of the mortgaged property an undertaking that he entered into with his vendor. The mortgagee has no right to avail himself of that. He was no party to the sale. The purchaser entered

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Law on the concept of "ancestral property" under the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 and the formation of a HUF by the surviving members of the deceased

 04 June 2020

On the death of Jagannath Singh in 1973, the joint family property which was ancestral property in the hands of Jagannath Singh and the other coparceners, devolved by succession under Section 8 of the Act. This being the case, the ancestral property

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What share is the plaintiff entitled in the suit property?

 04 June 2020

The Court held that the mother should have been allotted a share at the time of the notional partition, and after inheritance her share would be equal to half of the property.

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Whether the Hindu Marriage Law sanctifies the concept of matrimonial home be whittled down to a weekend marriage at the unilateral desire of the wife to live separately?

 04 June 2020

The Court observed that a marital home is the basis of the concept of marriage and the “bundle of indefinable rights and duties which bind the husband and the wife can perhaps be best understood only in the context of their living together in the mar

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