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raja chowdhury (anm)     17 May 2012

Wife withheld sex for more than 6 months

Dear Members,

For the last 7 months my wife has made my life miserable. Although we still stay in the same flat but She is not sleeping with me We didnot have s*x for more than 7 months. She is saying she is having compatibility problems with me. She doesnot like me etc etc. We had a love marriage and are married for 4 years. We dont have any kids. Her salary is little more than mine. 

I have been always supportive off her. I gave her all the support when needed for her career upliftment. She also keeps abusing me and my parents. Lot of silly silly things she says and says she wants to live independent life. Earlier she was asking for divorce but off late she saying she doesnt want divorce but want to live this kind of independent life....living in seperate room, sleeping seperate.

I have intercepted few chats of her with a male colleague of hers which is not much good to hear. "I luv you", "hone", "hug you. kiss you" kind of words used.

I am completely devasted. She also has threatened me with police cases etc if i create nuisance.

I need a divorce. Last 7 months I am living like a servant. I take care of entire house. She just comes, eats, sleeps and goes away to office. Comes back late.

Please suggest me proper legal remedies. I still love my wife but then have realized that the other party is not interested. 


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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     18 May 2012

@ Author

Understand the simple English in news item appeared in below news link. Hopefully consideration needed before jumping to para 3.


If from
Delhi then get the cited D HC case file inspection done from record room and take the plunge if unbearable.

3. Do appoint an Advocate as this is bit dark side of Family Law after crossing 4 innings with 7 months
absinthe situation.

Amit (NA)     18 May 2012

After 4 years she's denying you?

No doubt, she's having an affair.

W/o panicking or getting raged, hire an agency who can give proof of adultery and use that to get divorce.

Even w/o that denying s*x is a grounds for divorce but not sure how you can prove that.

SURESH KALAGA (secretary)     18 May 2012

Dear Mr. Raja,

Noncooperation in s*x with the husband, no doubt is a ground for divorce. But the burden of prooving is difficult in the court of Law. chating and friendly behavour with a male colleague may not be treated as adultry. (if she is doing wrong in the name of friendship also).  In this stage, you can not change her attitude and behaviour. So, better you try to leave her logically and legally (can contact us @  sureshmgpl@gmail.com)

Meet that collague and before record that

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     19 May 2012

@ Suresh

Burden and standard of proof of no s*x in marital life is presumptive and once that is admitted as in ‘case admission’ 50% husband job is done with as first mover advantage. Only a fool goes to Court alleging no s*x in marriage if that is what you are pre-assuming and stating it is difficult to prove before
Civil Court
under civil Laws.

Why you say difficult to prove?. Just ask her for v**ginal ultrasound test if she claims as per her w/s reply that daily they had s*x and allegations of husband are false. One this request made before Court now see the colour of wife in Court and her lawyer stance changing and looking here and there probably at four walls of open Court room in finding for right answer i.e. agree to go or not to go for a simple ultrasound test of her v**gina.

Same is case of adultery which I once stated in one of the post last to last month on burden and standard of proof for which non lawyers here say difficult to prove in Court !!!. Common Sir, let us not make civil Court process scary for all preasumptive cases of husbands that also under civil laws.............. 

rajiv_lodha (zz)     19 May 2012

Meanwhile Tajob Sir! Can v**ginal Ultrasound test confirm whether couple was having regular s*x or not?

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     19 May 2012


Originally posted by :rajiv_lodha


Meanwhile Tajob Sir!
Can v**ginal Ultrasound test confirm whether couple was having regular s*x or not?


Yes, usually doctors do a pelvic exam before doing a trans v**ginal ultrasound. After a normal pelvic exam a doctor can usually tell if this spouse was s*xually active or not standing at a Witness Box in Court of Law. That is where Rape trial got notoriety and feminist boycott  from. Where is the problem for a doctor not to know? He will and must ask anyway whether this spouse is s*xually active during her in-clinic consultation and doctor is the person to trust in such forensic deposition matters and asked to face cross - examination and on all other questions regarding s*xuality of this spouse Trans Vaginal Ultrasound when Court ordered.

On the contrary this topic is one such dark side of Law and for the same in-camera discussion may be opted for before my account and or this very post gets deleted courtesy Devi ji.
"Wife is in bed, the boy is here, LCI, poured some controversial evidence" this is how dark matrimonial cases are won in Courts.

2. "The reply is already published, if the proposed Devi ji writer's plan was to make sure there was one less LCIian in LCI, she may as well attempt doing exactly THAT". 


3. Hopefully YOU will now not make a political kerfuffle to make LCI headlines as the reply centers around "forensic science" invading bedroom privacy otherwise also the boy (author) is right now in poor shape without such foot down to win his arguments in Court unless hinted on hard hitting evidence collection i.e. no s*x in bedroom from last 6 months thus grant me divorce and here is forensic science to substantiate my submissions!


We in LCI now need to evolve to maturity level in such hardcore public legal discussions / legal debates over usual 498a / dv / maintenance stuffs as these three queries are hitting LCI bandwiddth quite often and it was high time someone gave the time tested remedy which is what exactly I showed the queriest through.

I stand by application of “forensic science” in “civil” [bedroom] domains and hence cannot give any public apology if that is going to be intent of some Devi ji here if reader(s) like my reply or not is besides the pointI will stand by Law Points.



Later (A professional )     19 May 2012

Further to the above corrigendum,DO NOT grdespiant yourself the penance of no s*x,this being a nation of plebiscites :).Despite the despicable shrimatiji or the circumstances so to say,for the protection of you sir,.Do not demivolt.

Hai ke nahi  :)

Let srimatiji's statements be proven a hogwashand meanwhile buy from you a sax for the betterment of you.Go to court with head highly held up in front of the lud,so thaty you may kindly percuss your statements instead of acting lugubrious.

Good luck JJJ

Ta Ra Rum Pum Pum........




raja chowdhury (anm)     21 May 2012

Thanks each one of you for your valued comments and time. Truely appreciate it. She is having an affair. I already have some proof and more are been collected.

Now as a man I am angry! And that man who is having an romance with my wife is married with one little kid and his wife is a housewife. 

Give some guidance through which i can make the man also suffer...both of them are working in the same office.  I know these things doesnt matter as wife is also seeing him and its a joint afair. But hope you will understand my pain. Kind of sweet revenge. Please.

Guide me plzz.

Take help of a detective/spy, if possible, or take call detail then give to police complain to record their call.

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