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Wife staying at home for last 3 months,can she file false dv

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     30 May 2012

@ Harassed,

It depends on your wife and her side.
Second it is not necessary that a wife should be in natal home to file DV and or Divorce and or S. 125 CrPC and or even RCR. Lots of factors are considered / evaluated by a party in conultation with their circle of advisers before filing a case on one other.
Sum total she can very well file and may not even file.
You have to gear up or come to your social senses and or ignore and lead normal marital life whatever best suits your relationship with her and her side is best self answer.
Being in IT field does not mean a spouse cannot do DV! Coming late from work and or odd working hours itslef are violence to a wife who wants company of her husband. Infact there are more cases on IT spouse using S. 498a / DV than any other professions from metros.
BTW when no case even filed how you can have proofs against your FIL !

Needs Advice (Data Entry Optr)     30 May 2012

now a days a mental wife who files case always speaks the dirty law of dv language u have to give this n that. How silently she is getting poisned her happy married she will never understand and when she understands its to late like the non compoundable and non bailable law 498. womencells and caw n others fill their pockets and married couple get seperated because our law is intelligently made like. keep it up and run u women cell shops and caw mall.
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manish (cdsdfasd sdf)     31 May 2012



she can file dv even after she stayed away from you for many years. she can file any cases - so dont think that just bcoz u r into I.T, she cannot file.. Such kind of arguments are not accepted by courts.

Harrassed (accountant)     01 June 2012

Hi TajobsIndia,

What if she file case against me under pressure of her mother and i won,because i already collected lot of proof against them for mentally harrassing me.

Can i file defamation case against them after i won.becasue i already spent lot of money/health on them and they proved themself i think its better to fight case and finish this relation and start new life.As they betryed me.

Last question how much a lawyer charge for filing fasle devorce case.




Sunita Jazy (Giving Happiness)     20 June 2012


Doesn't seems from ur post that u r a white collar person that ur wife is nt come back without listening the opposite side u say u r the best husband a girl can get.


Never blame her mother, any mother will always think best for her child may be a girl or a boy. seems u havnt tired ur best to get ur wife back & let her go.

dont leave hope there is still time to get her back go get her man.
leave ur ego aside and all ur bad deeds if any atleast for ur child see is just 6 months she needs father love too. the lady needs a man which u can be to get her back with love prove ur love to her. as u also need her.

Harrassed (accountant)     21 June 2012



Thanks for you observation abt my collar.But u'll be shocked to know that their own blood relatives disown them after knowing this incident what her mother is doing with me.Her family is left alone and also remember because of my silence they left alone even in their neighbour and in their family.But still they have ego problem.

And u know her mother also did same thing with her father to get his property and she got success but here i lost all my fear now i am ready to get killed but i'll not compromise on this.I am ready to accept her but i'll never forgive my in laws.even i am ready to go jail now.and after that i'll defamation case against them..and will demand atleast 20Lacs to defame my reputation.

Harrassed (accountant)     21 June 2012

Not 20Lacs..but watever court will decide..and i'll never divorce her.her mother won over her father but she cant win over me.

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