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Sameer (Engg)     12 June 2013

Wife not behaving properly

    Dear All,

         I married on March 2012.My wife came twice  10 days each time.She finally came to me in Jan 2013.she is also working.she donot take any interest in household works.also she doesnot contribute financially,she always complain for various thing which i donot have in my house.I usually reply like this " you are also earning you can buy ,else wait i will buy later".she doesnot take of anything and she alleges that i donot take care of her.she doesnot go outside anywhere with me.

She is not sleeping in my bedroom (No physical relation).when i ask about this ,she says 

1. Physical relation is not everything  2. You are artificial  3. low living standerd

when i ask about solution , she starts shouting irrelevent things.sometimes she says she will be like this only for the whole life.

Donot know what to do? Please guide?


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Sameer (Engg)     13 June 2013

awaiting experts reply..

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     19 June 2013

Hi Sameer,


Please look for marriage counselling as well as read 498a survival guide on the web.




Shonee Kapoor 
Handphone: +91-8010850498


If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you LOST.

Harsh (Manager)     19 June 2013


1) She doesnt seem to like ANYTHING about you or your setup, sorry but it is evident. Clearly she is NOT interested in you at all. Poor people also enjoy their married life and have 10s of kids, so standard of living excuse is lame. May be she got married out of some constraint, find out if it is true. If she has a BF that she wants to go to, I suggest let her get lost.

2) Denying physical relationshp for no reasonable cause is cruelty and entitles you to divorce. You dont have to endure it longer than you wish.

3) Divorce is extreme and last resort - but you do have grounds, you need to somehow collect proof

of her behavior (including refusing to sleep in your room) and in PARALLEL try Counseling as suggested  by Shonee.

4) If she admits that she doesnt want this marriage, you can still give some time for her to reconsider. If it still fails, just go for divorce.  Find someone that likes you for what you are and someone that WANTS to be with you.

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