Wife abondened husband, but not giving divorce

Hello Everyone,

before asking for help, I try to picture the whole secenario.


origianally from State Haryana, city ABC, living in France since 2002, Raj got married First time in his Life in Year 2005 in France with a French woman, They had a son(born 2006). in 2012 Raj and his French wife had  some issues, but they keep living together in hope that things would go better as any marriage has its ups and down. but in vain, Raj started to search for new partner, and through Family in India he met one girl "Ria"


Ria was First married in between year 2004 - 2009 with Brij. Brij died in Year 2009.  they have a daughter together. born in year 2008. Brij was Govt. Employee, and Ria is getting Widow Salarey. This full salarey is paid by dep., in every six month cycle She has to give a affidavit to Dep. that she hasnt marry again. She lives alone in her hause with her daughter


Raj and Ria 

Raj and Ria got engaged in 2013, Before getting engaged Raj and his Family told whole situation to Ria and her Family, both parties were agreed that both of them will get married as soon as Raj's Divorce will be done. but just after 3 months of engagement Ria started pressurising Raj to get married as soon as possible because she doesnt want to live alone. when Raj told her that He is not divorced yet and it will take some time so they should wait. She confronted that when she havent any problem with His first marriage why Raj is saying to wait for one more year. Her argument was that they can go in a social marriage and will get this registered later when Raj is divorced. So Raj agreed to this. They got married in feb 2014, and it was a proper Hindu Marriage with all rituals.

After Marriage

After Marriage Raj returned to France and in 5-6 months he applied for Divorce with his first wife, both got seprated in sep. 2014. and had divorce was final in march 2016.

Ria has changed just after marriage totally, and refused to come to Raj's Hause in India where Raj's Parents live.  She was in between for some months at his hause but spent most time in her own hause (not her parents). Meanwhile Raj has asked her to collect all papers which are required to bring her to France. but She didnt do it. She kept taking her Salary as widow, and kept producing affidevits to Auth. that she is not married. She refused to live with His Parents, and wants that Raj should take her with him, but when no marriage cert./other necessary docs are available He cant do anything. in this scenario 4 years has gone, Raj has visited 3 times to India and She was at his hause Only when he was there. Raj and Ria now stopped talking for more than one year. Ria has sold her hause, and bought a new hause where she is living now.some other place, and enjoying full salarey(80000INR) of her dead First Husband. 

Raj has asked Ria to close the relationship. Ria agrees to this(as she is already living seprate for last 3 years) but denies to divorce, or any written agreement. They dont have any Children together.

Now Raj is in this Situation, If he goes to court, They can put on him charges of second marriage. and can be sent to jail. but if he dont and get in Any relationship he will be Blackmailed by Girl as He dont see any other reason why dont she make a sattlement with him. and for him it will be always like ticking B.. if he come to India and Ria file a case on him/ or his parents.

Raj know he did something which shouldnt have happened, And there are not any excues which could have make it better. He just trusted a widow girl who emotionally told him that, "her daughter needs a father and She want that it should As soon as possible", he was so sure with Ria that they will continue this marriage till death. but it happened other way round.

What should Raj do to come out of this. I thank you all for reading this, and for helpfull answers.


As Ria also got maaried , giving false affdavits claiming that she is un married, there is noway she will file a case in future also. Destroy all the evidence and start a fresh life in France. Both the partners have done wrong, so if they fight, both will be in trouble. Ria can not prove Raj's marriage in France




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