Widow Pension and Old age pension

What is the eligibility criteria for Widow pension and Old age pension. & what are the legal implication of miss use


please provide more details.....


My friend wife has filed false 498A against him and his family,  he lost his job also due to this. The status of his wife's family at the time of Marriage

MIL: Widow pensioner

FIL: Passed away 27 Years back

BIL 1: Asst Commissioner

BIL 2: software engineer & has house in metro city its govt value is 80 Lakhs.

Smt 498A: Not working

We have to bend him down through RTI and Legally


how 498 A IPC is corelated with the family of your friend's wife, i.e. in- laws...???

MIL is widow pensioner..... pension amt. is nothing to share either with BIL in case the BILs are self dependent, or with  Smt. 498 A...

Infact , what is the status of the Case would be an important data....


Mother in law is eligible to take pension ?


As per your query regarding widow pension , the word  "widow pension" creates baffled situation as it is ambiguos and gives three proposition:

Proposition1.Deceased Father-in -law was in service qualifying for pension, and the Mother-in law is getting the pension on behalf of that.....

Proposition 2. Mother-in-law was in service qualifying for pension, now retired, and is a widow at the instant of time....

Proposition 3. Neither proposition 1 or proposition 2 applies, and Mother-in law is enjoying merely the Widow Pension...

Kindley provide details under which proposition mother-in-law falls.... and also state the age and amount of pension the MIL is recieving ....


thank a ton, She falls in proposition 3, she is around 65 years, she was getting Rs.400 per month,


Thanks for clearing the air, but what is the harm if she is 65 years old poor lady recieving Rs. 400.00 P.M., and as per your post she is not getting any other type of pension by any other authority, she has no other means of income ( as i presumed by the above discussions). Rest thing is BILs .... they are adult, independent and have gainful emplyoment . So, as per our problem is concerned you may be agrieved by the false allegation of 498A IPC, and you are free to go beoynd anything to prove your innocene, but making an issue of Widow pension only on the ground of BILs are gainfully as well as reputedly employed does not give a prima facie inference that MIL is not in need of the widow pension , she may be in need!!!.... and thus it would be very childish to get mislead by raising an issue with the help of RTI / legfal action as it would may kill your time as well as compulsory feee required to be affixed while seeking the service of RTI and other legal proceedings specically on the point of "widow pension", rather yopu vcan discuss the case with relevent papers or giving status of the case.

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