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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     24 November 2010

Why Indian law says that India's women cannot rape ?

Title: Why Indian  law says that India's women cannot rape ?

Prudent person comments:
If Indian origin women can indulge in sxx with teenage boys and convicted for rape and sxxual assault in U.K then why Indian law says that India’s women cannot rape? Why all laws are biased against man only. Why Indian women are so week that what their counter part in foreign countries can do, they cannot do here !

Now the full text of NEWS item:

A 37-year-old Indian-origin woman was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for having s*x with two teenaged students in Britain. Hina Patel, who worked as a classroom assistant and swimming teacher at Birkdale High School in Merseyside, admitted two counts of s*xual activity with a child at North Sefton Magistrates' Court last month. She was sent to Liverpool Crown Court for sentencing.

According to the Sun, Patel invited the youngsters to her home, where she had s*x with one boy then the other just a few hours later. During her sentencing on Tuesday, Mr Martin Decker, prosecuting, said the single mother of two was employed to provide support and supervision for pupils who had been disruptive in class.

Mr Decker told the court how she came to meet the two boys in February this year and during a one-to-one supervision she exchanged mobile phone numbers with them.

Describing an exchange of text messages between Patel and one of the boys, Mr Decker said: "Initially she was being friendly and saying he was a 'good lad' but after about four days the content became s*xual."  "The boy described the texts as being normal at first and then 'weird'. After about a week she invited the boys to her house," Mr Decker told the court.

Patel collected one boy in a hired car as the other made his own way to her home where they watched DVDs, the court was told.  "In his police interview the boy said she started touching him and kissing him and this led to s*xual intercourse. The boy was asked how he felt about this and he replied that it felt 'weird'," Mr Decker said.

The youngster left the house about an hour later leaving Patel alone with the other boy.
The pair arranged to meet on a second occasion but the boy changed his mind after Patel picked him up and got out of her car, Mr Decker said. He told a friend he had s*x with Patel and the friend was later arrested after burgling the teacher's home. That boy told Youth Justice officials about Patel's relationship with her pupils and the police raided her house.

They seized her mobile phone which contained text messages from the boys which included "the police know everything" and "don't tell people". Mr Gary Loveridge, head teacher of Birkdale High School, said Patel was never employed as a swimming teacher by the school and did that job separately to her work at Birkdale.



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Because due to indian culture and ethics.  But some exception may be there like this. 

PARTHA P BORBORA (advocate)     24 November 2010

law changes with the changes of time. Sec- 376 required some modifications. I hope it will be amended soon.
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Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     24 November 2010


Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     25 November 2010

indians are lazy when it comes to amending century old how do u think they wud be interested in passing newer laws?

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     26 November 2010


It was well explained example where laws in India fails miserably. It is the duty of the legislature to amend the rusty laws and bring them to a shape as per developments in the society.


There have been instances of blackmailing by girls on the pretext of such cases. Unlike UK or US, police authorities in India always influenced by the fact that the complainant is a female. They never investigate the case from all the angles and only try to find proofs and evidences to nail the accused (wheather innocent or guilty).


One live example is the J&K rape case of German nationals, where the girls alleged that the boys from J&K promised them for marriage and has s*x. But now the boys have been granted bail by Hon'ble High Court of Delhi on the ground that the girls themselves were intimate with consent.


I feel that we are heading to a society where men would be the weaker section of the society. Alas! Hail femenists who are not interested in equality but want to precide on the head of the other gender.




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