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Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     03 July 2010

Where Shall We Go Now?

Do You Know???????????


Petrol price in : Pakistan 26

Bangaladesh 22

Cuba 19

Nepal 34

Burma 30

Afganisthan 36

Qatar 30

India 53

Basic cost per litre 16.50

centre tax 11.80
excise duty 9.75
state tax 8.0
vat ces 4.00

total 50.05

now extra 3 rupees

great job from government


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Dadi Uma Mahesh (NA)     03 July 2010

All of us should put pressure on Central Govt to bring Petroleum Products under the ambit of Proposed GST!

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     03 July 2010

We r living in hell, where else we go?

Of course it is a great job done by the Govt. They r showing us that they can do anything they like. More than a billion population have reduced to mere a mute spectator. Real democracy we have. A peace loving Nation which believes in non-violence.

It is a Joke/mockery.

Dhawal Bhandari (ADVOCATE)     03 July 2010

agree to what shri makkad has said but The overal revenue to the governament has almost DOUBLED by the way excrise and taxes levied on percentage basis to the base price of petrol . Petrol was sold at RS30.92 in the year 2002 now the present rate is RS 56.24. As the taxes are levied on percentage of the base price . Let them demand a white paper on the extra revenue earned by the governament. and plan on how to utlise the same in devlopement of vegative oil in our vast dry lands as an alternative source of fuel - There by encouraging our farmer and reduce the burden on our forigen exchange reserves.

Dhawal Bhandari (ADVOCATE)     03 July 2010

correction present price Rs50.xx



Dear Mr. Raj Kumar Makkad ji,


Thanks a lot for this dissection..


It is a great contribution from you to make all of us worthy of knowledge in this regard…

Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     03 July 2010

but the way we people tend to waste our energy resources...what I think let it be around Rs.100 per litre.


we let kids to use cars and scooters, students are not using bicycles but prefer mobikes and cars, all this is leading to environmental degradation too.


let ourselves be responsible first.


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Uma parameswaran (lawyer)     03 July 2010

 Poor vehicles .They are not aware about the price rise .Still they are in the snare of traffic jam .

Paramaanu (CEO)     04 July 2010

1.Hell has no exit only entrances all around. 2.Why the hell runners requier money ? The Justice needs money.No compensation , no justice. May it be a vehicle accidant or natural calamity or Jihad, govt badly needs money to compensate but not a single penny for avoiding future instances. 3.When election comes, they need to distribute money. 4.Why they think that money is Justice ? Because the Voters think so. Because Bhopal Morchas demand Compensation After 26 years, and no demand for investigation where another Bhopal might be being cooked. Because, never heard that any voter has refused to accept Money as compensation. Because, they discover their commitment to Law Process is more important than commitment to justice, when lawyers d, judges and all Political and Admin s not even think to refuse pleading for Kasab and Afzal Guru. When judges still think its their domain to do what ever they deliver, Even if they know it 100% that its unexecutable,.As long as Everything is measured in Money.. Because no one is getting Money for hanging Kasab and Guru..they wont ever hang them.. Let the Prices rise.. Beggers arent Choosers.. People get Politicians and Judiciary they Deserve.. The Population of Insects and scavnger Ants .. your strength it your Quantity..there cannt be Quality in this Land Mass. Eat each other untill you can ..

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     04 July 2010

Nothing will happen.  We all are buddus.

G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     04 July 2010

i thought of different thing. there must be slabs for price for petrol/ deisel vehicles.

For Public transport ( bus )-  minimum tax @ 25% of basic cost 

For Commercial Vehicles ( auto & lorry ) - medium tax @ 40 % of basic cost

For private two wheelers and small card - tax @ 75% of basic cost

For luxury cars - tax @ 150 % of basic cost

G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     04 July 2010

My suggestion would bring people to go through public transport which avoid environmental pollution and makes our country congestion free

Hemant Agarwal ( Mumbai : 9820174108)     04 July 2010

THERE IS NO NEED TO GO ANYWHERE,  Except to go to the Urinal :


Check out this link :


Electricity can be generated and Cars can be run on Urine :


Do You Know???????????

URINE  price in : Pakistan  00

Bangaladesh  00

Cuba  00

Nepal   00

Burma  00

Afganisthan  00

Qatar  00

India   00

Basic cost per litre  00

centre tax 11.80
excise duty 9.75
state tax 8.0
vat ces 4.00

total   33.55


KNOWING  Indian mentality, for collecting their pound of flesh from everything and anything,  the nefarious Indian Govt. will impose the above taxes, as well, on urine too.


Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal





And all other Parties keep reservation for corruption for their people only.


So the Congress is always batter option for DEMOCRATS OF CORRUPTION and that’s why the Congress remains always in power.





Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     04 July 2010

Yes sir, right from First PM J N Nehru to Rajive Gandhi by overwhelming support from the people of this country were in a position to do any changes that would have been historical. They could have revamp the entire system. But they deed nothing due to lack of foresightedness/vision. They only indulged in narrow potical gain and tried to gain power by hook or crook. Till now they are unchallenged. It is fact that they remained in power and in centrestage, but they have done more harm than good to this country.

Still they have no guts to go against the corruption, which is root of problems like terrorism and naxalism. They have a plan so called "Green Hunt" but have no plan to root out corruption.

Once naxals issued an statement that If administration stops taking illegal commission in developmental projects and works. Then they will assist the govt. Do our Dear HM has any answer?

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