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Want divorce and husband is not cooperating

Page no : 3

**Victim** (job)     01 May 2014

Originally posted by : heera

Originally posted by : **Victim**

You are calling a brown skinned guy to be a racist ? How often you have seen indians sitting, drinking, and eating together with blacks ? Very often right ! So don't even go there and why are we going off topic again ? The goal is to find some ghetto for you.

Poor Mr Ghetto Guy. Destined for a single life. The girl could'nt even take you for a month right ? She ran for her life or what. Probably there is no marriage line in your hand.

 Don't you worry about my destiny rather worry about yourself. Let me guess ur "Suhagraat" must be over now and the guy left nothing for you. All that fun and now he dumped you coz of your attitude and now you are here finding someone with whom you can take out your anger. But do you even know what did you loose ? I am sure you don't coz no one is buying your story of NRI asking for dowry. Why don't you advertise this news in U.S.A. and i am telling you even Americans would laugh at you. Try to find a different place to gain sympathy. You are no other than ignorant woman who is trying to prove her point even though her husband is not listening.

Solomon Raju (Advocate High Court of A.P.)     01 May 2014

Ms. Dhara,

When you get ill, you will go to a good doctor...the same way in legal affairs running in hurry for a result is dangerous...498A is like a bullet...it would have squeezed your in-laws and your husband...this might take some time for them to recover...don't be in hurry in legal proceedings...everything comes to an end....since you have filed 498A, be patient...whether your husband is contesting in 498A or not? Whether your in-laws are contesting or not? The biggest mistakes all women make is filing 498A against her husband, in-laws and other relatives who are not part of your dispute...generally this irritates husband and his relatives...who are not at all key roles in your dispute...so if you think from his side...do you accept a false 498A...Somehow, your husband got bail or escaped from the hands of police by absconding from India...Now, if you want to get divorce, better enquire about a good advocate, then explain all these and file a divorce petition under section 13 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 with his last residence address, if the summons are not served, then take substitute of service i.e. paper publication, even after that your husband did not turn up, then court will grant you exparte divorce...all this process might take 1 year time...be patient...

Mistakes do happen with humans and when you have no guidance, there is every possibility of mistakes rolling like a roller coaster.......But, if you would like to have a mutual consent divorce, then send a mail to your husband that you are ready for divorce and will withdraw all the cases filed against him....




Reformist !!! (Other)     01 May 2014

There is no contradiction in my statement. MONEY is used to attract MORE MONEY. 

>>> Hahaha, look who is talking. Money is use to attract More money. That means 1st word "Money was a magnet which was used to attract "More money". Magnet never goes to someone else, things gets attracted to magnet. So more money gets attracted to Money here. You got ur answer, as u explained it urself only.

NRI shows off his Bling to attract the high dowry Girl. Girl is attracted to the Foriegn Lifestyle. Girl pays high dowry to get a money-maker. After marriage reality strikes and it SUCKS. 

>>> Girls are attracted to foreign lifestyle that means girls want to buy that person by paying some bucks ??? Who started it ??? If u paid dowry for getting that lifestyle, its ur fault as both are crimes i.e. taking and giving dowry.....Its ur fault for paying and its not his fault. Dont get attracted and do not pay. Make urself able to attain that lifestyle, why to find someone to live such a lifestyle which u shud have done urself.

About spending two lakhs by girls parents, Your calculation is wrong ! If you have a sister, your father can give you the answer. 2 lakhs will be peanuts for a an NRI. He won't marry that girl whose father only spends 2 laks for a wedding. 

>>> Oh really, i will change my calculation for ur convenience and satisfaction. Girls parents spend 25 lakhs and want 2.5 crores in returns now. And why u want to marrry a NRI, why not a poor Indian man ??? Because u want to settle down in US, UK, Australia or somewhere in Canada and then settle ur siblings in those countries by spending the money of ur husband which he earned with his hard work ??? Who said he wont marry that girl whose father spends 2 lakhs for a wedding. There are n no. of cases, where not even a lakh was spent on a marriage with NRI and girls are demanding somewhere around 2 or 3 lakh US dollars, what u term this as DOWRY SEEKING from girls parents ??? Moreover, when the 1st time u checked an advertisement of NRI in matrimonial columns, why u contacted their parents ??? Because u was attracted and not him , am i right ??? They just have told u that their son is NRI and greediness started from that point only.

Now after marriage if husband wants to stay home he is welcome too. He might need to get a uterus transplanted in his belly and attach breasts and other female body parts too, so that he can go through the responsibilty of pregnancy and childbirth, feeding, caring for the children. Added to that all the household work. 

>>> Of course yes, if he want to stay at home he does not need to transplant anything as that is natural body.The feeding stuff goes only for 2-3 years of child life. After and before 2-3 years of that life, if u worked in some company, why u dont want to withdraw even a single penny from ur account and spend ??? U want equality, then be equal husband will help u in household work, u help him in spending money. He will spend money the same way u spend.......And if u think that getting pregnant and delivering a baby is a most toughest part of the life, then u need to get well soon as husband is not a sperm donor . He has and is having equal rights related to his baby. Women term him KIDNAPPER of his own child.....which is really pathetic...........Moreover, while staying at ur home, he will spend ur parents money too, are u ready to not term it as a DOWRY SEEKING ???

What you need to really do is to reform your brain. Dogs make great pets. Being husband or wife is all about responsibilty. If you can't then don't marry. Indian parents mindlessly force their son's into marriage once they become NRIs. Either they fear that their Son may marry a foriegner or they want to use the window of NRI stardom to get the high dowry girl. 

>>> Oh yes thats what u actually want, i.e. make ur husband a pet.......lol, which you are not able to do so, thats y u r here. And i do not need to reform my brain, its u who is ill and u need to get well soon mamu :P............Marry, never ever, i will not give any chance to any women to spend my money on herself now.........So as per u there are 2 types of Indian parents, 1 who have son and 1 who have daughters. As per u, the parents having son are pathetic and the parents having daughters are the best on this planet ???? INdian parents mindlessly send their immatured girls to someone's house and that girl want everyone to behave as per her own wish and if they do not do that, then they all are termed including neighbors, relatives are termed as dowry seekers.....lol.............HIGH DOWRY girl, i have read ur story, u want to grab ur parents in law property back in India now after ur marriage of almost 20 years..............See who is seeking for dowry here, ur Parents in law never asked money from u, they took it from their son .........which again u r interfering and trying to stop him to do so.............See again who is dowry seeking here......Its U, nor ur hubby's parents..........

U REALLY NEED TO REFORM URSELF, No worries keep visiting this forum, u will get transformed ............waise ek kahawat hai 12 saal waali...............dum wali, jo lagu ho jaegi :)

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