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Vik1234567 (software engineer)     07 August 2013

Victim of 498a/125c need help urgently


i work on s/w company in pune have 15 yr old brother sister who will soon get married ffathr expire 7 years back m from lower middle class family financila conditoon was wordst before 7 years then i got job n now condtion is very much fien m gettign arnd 40K in hand every month

i got married 1.5 years back just 3 months later wife left home just becuase of small argument with my mother that to when it was her fault my mother even apologize to her but her fahter came home fight with us and left  with her saying she will come back in 15 days but it didnt happend   3 months after that he started askign for 5 lakh and said her daughter want divorce i have not taken alimony

when i refuse they fiel 1255c and 498a case agianst me mother sister my aunt n one family friend , in her first 125a application she said that we were cruel to her but it is wrong i can prove that i have her photos when we went to water park n photos taken on some other occasion plus sms. she with her father and one more person who never said his name and never explain why he was abusing us. all 3 were abusing us baldyon phone i have few recording

i have lost 70k in court procedure, i dont want to give money or alimony to such girl but lawyer is asking to settle amt as per his saying we will lose more money on court n with his fees and in any case we will have give her amount which could be huge considering my salery

what to do now? how much time it will take for court procedure? will court consider my prrofs , will proof suggest that she deserted me on her own for money ? how much will be maintenace .? shoud i go for settle ? or fight case?



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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     07 August 2013

you appear to be in no mood to reconciliation.

Hi understand what ur going thru...most of these sections related to matrimonial prblms are getting misused nowdays....in pune get in touch with this guy atit rajpara 9823788013


A Big No for Divorce.


Do not give up, if they are very adament. And fight on merit. Let her and her parents realize the value of time and money.


shriks........... (healyhcare)     07 August 2013

1. at least you file the case first.......
2.keep contesting for few months.......
3. do one thing......write on a paper the amt they askin......now file cases, contest for a few months
4. let them come down with demands, be adamant and bargain.......
5. deduct your money spent in contesting and bargain on remaining amount.....they will succumb ......then you decide whats your choice...

6. you can least give them a tough if not conquer....

Vik1234567 (software engineer)     11 August 2013

Thanks everyone  for reply

Case is already going on from last one year, 498a case mite take long time to start. but i am worried abt 125a maintence case if it goes against me i mite end up givng atleast 30% of my package(as per few lawyer) even when wife left me without any good reason saying she will comeback but did not and her father supportign her though he n her daughter know that they were wrong

i dont want to end up loosing 30% of my package to her. courat has asigned one lawyer who is askign us tp pay 2lakh to her but i dont have this much amount and she has already taken gold which is worht of rs 1lakh and no denying of it.

our merriage has not cost her more than 2.5lakh rs. i have not taken any dowry.

our lawyer says u will have to give her maintenance which will be high considerign my pakcage and plus lawyer fees ( i have already loose 70k in court procedure till now) when i said she was happy with me and i can prove that with some proofs and watever seh is saying that is false even then he said u will have to give he maintence. other thing is court is base in small villege and judge is woman (dont know who much iddferene it will make)

so plz suggest me wat to do..i really  wants to fight if m going to get soem good out of it and will nt end up loosing more money. 125 maintence case may start soon . can anyone tell me how much time it will take for her to get maintence when court procedure start. if i prove in court that she was wrong and were happy here and not in way she mentioned in her applciation, will she still get maintnce amount ?? if yes how much?

Sudhir Kumar ji:

truly speaking i really want to start thing again but it is difficult wat i get from her iin last year abusing ,theratning. i dotn know how to beieve such person i mean wat if she does drama again and next time we will be in police lockup. is thr anyway if i she and everyoen to agress to start relation again without me beign getting into future problem

thnc sachar , shrinks, need justice


Vik1234567 (software engineer)     19 August 2013

any reply?? lawyer is asking us to settle case with money, wife is asking 3lakjh to settle case.even mediator appointed by case asking us to settle case by giving money by giving some nonsense things like u will waste ur time money life etc etc :( but  i really wants to fight teach wife and her father good lesson

125c case is on board and lawyer is saying u mite have to pay 10+k  ( 20% of my salaeryin hand) as maintenance to her. i have some photograph msg which can prove that she was iliving happily here  n not the way she claimed in her application. one person from her side used to abuse threatened us from call but was not telling his name n police not cooperating us n i gues if that person get caught our case wil become strong

plz help me how can fight well, n not loose big amount in maintenance , wat r wasy to avoid maintenance. me my mother sist everyone is dealing with bad mental condton fighting with each other becaue of this issu plz help

thnx plz do reply ...


Vik1234567 (software engineer)     23 September 2013

on last court date i tried to talk to wife and was talking to her if she give me guarantee of staying good i will take her back. while talking she got angry and her father enter room and start beating and abusing me .then somehow i left court n took bus again on next bus stop her father somehowmanage to enter bus n before i realize anything kick me on my chest and left  ..i was alone so i could not left bus to file complaint but same thing again on nashik n that too when my mother was there..we fiel complint but my father in law did ame thing n file complint on police station where case is going on now... now i dont know what to do ?? plz let me know solution i dont want to give singel rupee to such family

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