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Prateek Jain   28 May 2020

Transfer of property

What is/are the requirements/process of transferring property from father to son in case of demise of father.Father have left a will indicating one of his heir to be the owner after him. Does it require any further approval from the rest of the heirs ?


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Real Soul.... (LEGAL)     28 May 2020

Raised previously the same queries with changed words...

Prateek Jain   28 May 2020

nope this is not a repeat query

Sinjari Bandyopadhyaya(Banerje (Lawyer 9830019661 Kolkata WB)     28 May 2020

Until and unless the Will of the deceased Testator gets the seal of the Court of Law either through Probate (if the name of Executor/Executrix is mentioned in the Will) or through Letters of Administration,the Testate Succession in favour of that  beneficiary (named in the Will) can't be completed and during the pendency of such case citation(Notice) is required to be issued to all the legal heirs and heiresses(who will otherwise inherit the estate of the deceased if there was no Will) of the deceased Testator for their knowledge & consent and if those legal heirs and heiresses prefer to contradict,then they can contest and the matter becomes Testamentary Suit. 

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Sinjari Bandyopadhyaya(Banerje (Lawyer 9830019661 Kolkata WB)     29 May 2020

Originally posted by : OM PRAKASH
Ms. Sindari Banerjee, please use the lay man's language in your suggestions. Thanx.

Mr. Om Prakash don't you know the decorum to maintain a dignified attitude? You have even distorted my name. Please take note that if Mr, Prateek Jain is unable to understand my previous remark,then he can ask me the same through his reply but why are you considering a person a layman?Another thing I have to point out that I have tried my best to explain the fact in lucid manner,even after that,if the person in whose thread I am replying,finds any problem then I can explain the same. Please further take note that I am unwilling to get my name attached to any of your future reply because as a Lawyer having 18 yrs of experience,I am unwilling to devote my time to entertain any unhealthy discussion.

Sinjari Bandyopadhyaya(Banerje (Lawyer 9830019661 Kolkata WB)     29 May 2020

Originally posted by : OM PRAKASH
Ms. Sinjari Banerjee, first of all, you are making mountain out of a mole, just on the typing error in your name. However, I still maintain that one should not show his/her prowess in English to any lay man, who may not be so forthcoming like me. On the contrary, it was just a suggestion, which you ought to have shrugged it off, but definitely you have no right to ridicule me on my view. Have some respect for the democracy, even though you belong to the State of Mamta Banerjee. However, I too have no time to have dialogue with a woman like you.

Thanks a lot for your kind consideration and hope that you will never ever associate my name in any of your remark because I have already pointed out that I am not at all interested to waste my precious time in any sort of unhealthy conversation.

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Prateek Jain   29 May 2020

Thanks..Sinarji Banerjee I got your point in the first message.
Mr.Om Prakash should know that language is medium of communication..even if someone is conversant enough in one language it doesn't give out any idea about how intelligent that person is. The way you are making it a prestige issue speaks volume about what kind of a person you are.
Anyways thanks to both of you for your valuable inputs on my query.✌🏻
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P. Venu (Advocate)     29 May 2020

Mr. Prateek Jain:

You have been making many a queries with contradictory facts. What is the real issue?

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