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windowsxp   22 November 2017

Succession rights

Dear experts, Expert suggestion required how to proceed with ancestory property. My father is the elder person his family he take care of all the family members even though we are living separately, he is a lorry mechanic in his 80's he purchased one land and registered on his father name, apart from this land they have two housed and farm land on my grand father name.. farm land my grand father sold he didnt gave any money to us after his death, my father suggested to partion the land in equal proportions to his 3 brother and sisters. my grand mother who doesn't like my father and my mother she apposed to give a share to my father in the ancestor property, my father and all his brothers are illetrates, last brother father in law is a teacher by profession he is very cunning, my father 1st brother who lives separately he fall ill and he know he wont live for more than 6 months he has no sons, 4 daughters, he and last brother father in law and 2 other brothers planned in a way they want to elimiate share to my father. second brother approached my father and told i dont want any share in the property i want my brothers to take all my share, and convinced my father to leave the property to his brother by taking 50k this happend in year 2000, my father got convinced with him and made an agreement which his brothers and father in law got it registered after 2 months my father first brother died, but internally we heard he got his complete share and deposited to take care of his wife and his daughters. those three brother and one last brother well planned and cheated my father, during year 2000 the property values is more than 30 lakhs. i'm the elder son in whole family including my father brothers, now the property value is more than 2 crores, only those three are enjoying is it possible for me to fight legally to get equal share now? please help me how to handle this legally to get my father equal share from the ancestor property. Thanks in advance..





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