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We are 5 siblings. Our parents passed away 20 years back leaving post office s/b a/c deposit and shares in various companies. One of the siblings, A had unanimously applied for succession certificate to be issued to him, which was contested by other siblings. Finally all siblings agreed that the succession certificate be awarded to sibling B, which was done in 2017. Sibling B, post issue of succession certificate, shared only the money out of Post Office Savings Bank Account and is not cooperating on sharing the proceeds out of stocks held in various companies. Kindly advise what legal remedy do we have against this sibling who is trying to take away all the money

Now that is your problem, how was it allowed to let only one of the sharholders to be declared as successor; You have filed consent for his succession and their by waived your right to receive any monies. Now it is his moral charecter whether he pays or not. 

You can't even file the case for recovery  as you have already given your consent for him to receive legally the benefits. Just pressurize him morally to diaburse the amounts. If any amount is yet to be received from any institution file joint application to stop the release of amounts and dispute the sucession certificate



Please clarify whether Succession Certificate was issued solely in favour of B after all of you relinquished your rights
he had been authorised by all of you to receive the proceeds on behalf of all you & distribute amongst all the siblings.
If is Case 1 - you have nil remedy
if it is Case 2 - you have to approach the court

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