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prabodh kumar patel (advocate)     29 October 2008

should crackers be banned?

Dear Forum Members, Let's discuss our views, 

Should crackers be banned?



 12 Replies

jagadish paranjape (Advocate)     29 October 2008

 All types of crackers need not be banned.Only those producing noise beyond prescribed decibels should be banned.We should not ignore that celebrations  periodically are necessary to give outlet to feelings of  depression in society.It is a safety valve to keep tempers even.



Rekha..... ( Practicing lawyer(B.Com LL.M in Business law ))     30 October 2008

Yes, I agree with Jagdish. But problem is that where to fire the crakers? In front of somebody's residence up to12.30am? So what's real duty ,of the person who wants to fire the crakers ,to perform at this juncture?

Sankaranarayanan (Advocate)     30 October 2008

no need to ban sir, but certain limitaion can form on that. all most all country follow that. one side we have to think that so many persons those who are bellow poverty line are work in and the main bread winning of their life is that earning. so the govt form the rule for certain way. pls dont any one think to stop or ban

Shree. ( Advocate.)     30 October 2008

If crackers are used on daily bases ,than it has to be banned.But using once or twice or on special celebration, i think it is been used in terms of enjoyment.Instead of banning this, why dont we think about other things which are really making health hazard as well as pollution causing CANCER and other diseases.

If you talk about crackers, you should be in a possition to talk about those industries which emit tons and tons of hazardious wastes. Why they are not banned for peoples safety? Why all the private vehicles are allowed in the busy places where public transport can do the job to reduce the amount of carbon waste? I see no harm to celebrate one day Indian festival with crackers which is having thousands of years of ethics.

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Telangana state Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     30 October 2008


good argument.

Ashish M (Chartered Accountant)     30 October 2008

It will not be of any use to ban the sale and purchase of crackers..............

We need to see deep down the well by actually banning the very manufacture of them all ..............

its manufactureing should be banned.........

it will though certainly need to disentitle all those who got employment under this trade......but then they are all children afterall..........who should actually play at this age............

but first for that to happen, we first need to cut the demand of crackers in the market..............people r aware of its enjoyment but nobody particular get effected by its bad effects........its use and the real purpose of such occasions should be understood as every subsequent yr. passed marks deep down the minds of the continuing generation, rosy picture of such occasions as more of crackered one and less of hailing..........



Shyla (Student)     30 October 2008

Really a good argument Shree sir!!!!!

With regards


Anil Agrawal (Retired)     15 February 2009

 No ban on crackers. Apart from providing jobs to lacs of children in Shivakashi, they cause fire, noise pollution, create garbage, burn injuries, loss of life and property. No Sir, I don't support banning crackers. Where do we find such benefits from one single act?

Bindu (Junior Lawyer)     17 February 2009

Crackers shall be defintely banned -


here shall be time restriction lighting of crackers shall be  till 12pm during festivals , that to one which dont make lous noise & smoke shall be allowed to manufcatured

Bindu (Junior Lawyer)     17 February 2009

Crackers shall be definitely banned

As I m living on top fLOOR ITS REAL BIG NUSIANCE

there shall be restrictions on time like lighting of crackers shall be allowed till 12 pm during festivals only , further those crackers manufacturer shall be allowed to manufacture which does not cause loud noise and smoke


Uma parameswaran (lawyer)     18 February 2009

Crackers ,It is part of our festival So  no need to ban.But rules and regulations are ncesssary  to control its use  and way of using.Due to high population houses are thronged in streets of urban areas. On deepavali  festival days it is very fear to drive the  vehicles especially  two wheeled vehicles.Without concering the riders simply  throwing the crackers into the road. it is very dangerous.Time is over to take action against this. The density of population is  so high .Public places wanted to allot to those people who were living both sides of the busy streets for lighting the crackers. Human friendly crackers needs to develop.

Nitesh Jain (Sr. Accountant)     22 October 2014

Dear All, Yes, crackers must be banned because – 1. Crackers flammable material burns internally which produces carbon mono oxide which is very dangerous for health. 2. Many people get heart, eye, ear, respiratory problems by crackers. 3. Crackers create noise which is very dangerous for ears. 4. Crackers increase lung problems. 5. A large number of fire accidents are due to crackers. 6. We live in religious country. There is no any word in our holy books which supports crackers. 7. Cracker produces high temperature fire, smoke & noise. A large number of small living destroy due to this. As we live in a non violence country so we must not fire crackers. Its my heartily request that crackers must be banned for a healthy life. Thanks

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