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J K   08 August 2023

Seeking guidance on complaining to allahabad high court bar council regarding adv vimal kumar pandey

Subject: Seeking Guidance on Complaining to Allahabad High Court Bar Council Regarding Vimal kumar pandey , his wife and advocate sakshi jaiswal and there law firm SAVI LAW Firm for Poor Legal Services

Dear Lawyers

I am writing to seek guidance on the process of filing a formal complaint with the Allahabad High Court Bar Council regarding a disheartening experience I recently had with the legal services provided by Vimal Kumar Pandey (A/V0152/2019) and his associate Sakshi Jaiswal.

My encounter with their legal team has left me deeply dissatisfied, and I believe it is important to take steps to address this issue. Below, I have outlined the details of my experience for your reference:

Title: Disheartening Experience with Vimal Kumar Pandey's Legal Services

I recently had the opportunity to engage the legal services of Vimal Kumar Pandey (A/V0152/2019) and his associate Sakshi Jaiswal. Regrettably, my experience fell far short of my expectations, prompting me to share my thoughts here for the benefit of others who may be considering their services.

Primarily, the proficiency and acumen demonstrated by this legal team were alarmingly inadequate. Their grasp of the intricate legal matters involved in my case was notably deficient, leading to unwarranted frustration and an excessive investment of time.

Adding to my disappointment, the work was predominantly handled by junior members of their team who appeared to be lacking the requisite experience. This deviation from my expectation of dealing with seasoned professionals was undeniably disheartening, as their limited capabilities became painfully evident.

Despite the substantial fees charged, the quality of service received was markedly subpar. The anticipated value commensurate with the expense was simply absent, leaving me with a profound sense of having made an ill-advised investment.

Beyond the shortcomings in their professional competencies, Vimal Kumar Pandey's demeanor was characterized by an unfortunate arrogance. This conceited attitude towards clients translated into an atmosphere of condescension and disregard, which I found deeply unsettling.

Furthermore, communication with Mr. Pandey proved to be an exasperating challenge. The dearth of responsiveness on his part hindered effective discourse and led to undue complications, exacerbating the already unsatisfactory experience.

In summary, my association with Vimal Kumar Pandey (A/V0152/2019), Sakshi Jaiswal, and their legal team was an exceedingly disappointing one. The inadequacy of their expertise, coupled with their cavalier treatment of clients, left me feeling dejected and regretful. I strongly advocate exploring alternative avenues for legal assistance to spare oneself the frustration and dissatisfaction that I encountered.

Given the gravity of my experience, I am interested in pursuing a formal complaint against Vimal Kumar Pandey and his legal team with the Allahabad High Court Bar Council. Could you please provide me with guidance on the steps and procedures involved in lodging such a complaint? I am keen to ensure that others do not have to go through a similar ordeal.

Thank you for your time and assistance. I eagerly await your response.



 3 Replies

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     08 August 2023

No complaint is maintainable against the lawyer who could not render quality service neither handled the case effectively.

The lawyers do not come under consumer protection act also, hence no complaint can be made against them before the consumer court as well for deficiency in service.

You can change the lawyer and ignore these lawyers

Dr. J C Vashista (Advocate and Legal Consultant)     08 August 2023

Change your lawyer if you have lost faith.

Real Soul.... (LEGAL)     08 August 2023

Just submit the complaint to BCI and concerned bar association, you can file Consumer complaint in consumer forum but you have to prove that the services were deficient – in Nandlal Lohariya Vs Jagdish Chand Purohit the Supreme court dismissed the appeal because the complainant failed to show the services were deficient. It Is better to avoid  public circulation against advocate too as he may file you for defamation. Best is to file a logical complaint in Bar Association and BCI for his misconduct and  nonprofessional attitude.

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