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avesh (executive)     20 June 2013

Security cheque

My name is Avesh. I have given a cheque of 2.5 lacs to my known person to get recruitment in bank. The cheque was given only for secutrity of Bribe. My written exam was cleared but i am not able to clear the interview. for that purpose i refuse to giv the money as a result he put cheque in bank that got dishounoured and he filled a case against me. What i have to do know, Plz tell am very tensed.


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Prasun Chandra Das (Banker)     20 June 2013

Assuming case has been filed u/s 138, there are 2 points due to which sec 138 will not apply: (1) there has to be a LEGAL LIABILITY - here even if there is a (documented) liability, since bribe is illegal, sec 138 shall not apply, and (2) sec 138 does not apply to security chqs. Actually you need only point no.1 to throw away the case from the court.


To win the case, contact ADVOCATE DEFENSE - he can win any case for you.

madhu mittal (director)     20 June 2013

Respected sir Prasun, 

Are you 100% sure that Advocate Defence can win any case ?

R Trivedi (     22 June 2013

Avesh, What does he write in his complaint, like about liability etc ??


You cannot prove that it was given as bribe etc, so first please tell what is his case..


Yes there are many Ld advocates on this forums whose peons win the cases.

avesh (executive)     30 June 2013

he didnt write any complaint only claim the cheque amount as my cheque got dishounered . wht i have to do further as i have to go to court on 12 july.

Yadanand Legal help (maintenance divorce remarriage =     01 July 2013

People come on this site to solve problems not to listen abuses for others.


R TRIVEDI it you  do not know and so can not give advice keep quite instead of abusing all others..

R Trivedi (     01 July 2013

What is your problem Mr Yadanand ? Are you aware of these 3-4 gentlemen who claim that any cheque bounce case can be won and they will ensure delay in trial by instructing their assistant to further instruct assistant's peon to move  applications to keep complainant and court busy.. Both these facts have been regularly advertised by these 3-4 funny names.

Yadanand Legal help (maintenance divorce remarriage =     01 July 2013

You have no right to make fun of any body. If you differ give reasons.

It seems you are immature and frustrated since I have gone through the posts and you are just blaming all judgments, people every thing.Just making lengthy comments which are not related to the matter.


SOME OTHER ASHOK KUMAR HAD ALSO SNUBBED YOU for this but you are continuing with your game of finding faults.

People wants to come out of the jail so if results are there they will go the peon of the advocate also.


If you can do it welcome otherwise just keep decency.

If you know law you should have given details of fictitious case given by you.

R Trivedi (     01 July 2013

My dear Yadanand, You have good reading abilities, with new registration on this site you have read all the post and found out about all my posts, why such specific interest ?? Are you part of those funny advertising group ?? And you are nobody to welcome me or not welcome me. Contribute if you know anyting about law, otherwise do not try to poke your nose in others posts and controversies.


Mr Ashok Kumar is free to express his opinion, he wanted specific citation in one line without making it clear, but for that he copied the entire order. He is the querist and he has the right to like or dislike the replies offered to him. Courtesy demands that he should thank all those who responded in right earnest and selflessly.


People with restricted knowledge feel threatened when the faults are found, you cannot expect me to keep quite when some one comes forward and states that ANY CHEQUE BOUNCE CASE CAN BE WON, send details or contact on mobile. All your so called friends whom you are defending are available dime a dozen and they have no right to give faceless, nameless false hopes to accused. You have read my post out of motivation, I have pointed out their follies, one such gentleman claims that S.315 is not set aside by SC, another gentleman says all defense of accused are closed by SC Dychem order, and third gentleman says come to me I will win all the cheque bounce cases. And fourth says grateful clients of his will pay for others.... and now you are the fifth one. Bravo !! Sooner you will reach a dozen !!

Yadanand Legal help (maintenance divorce remarriage =     02 July 2013

same gutter type lengthy writting. People want to come out not get trapped. Who ever can help them are welcome .

R Trivedi (     02 July 2013

People of your ilk and pea nut brains can only think of such things.  Thats why your friends who do not have intelligence to read lengthy orders of Hon Apex Court etc, start preaching others on half cooked readings. Grow up kid and start learning from today instead of giving stupid and shameful  analogy !!

Ashish Singla 098140 76600 (Cheque Victim's Lawyer. LUDHIANA (PB))     03 July 2013

Trivedi Ji,

Pl cool, you are such a calcultive and creative personality, its not possible to understand you by everyone, dont care these small things, pl continue to your valuable suggestions to this fourm forever...

:) keep smilling...















Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     03 July 2013

Dear Avesh

As per you information you have to go to court on 12th of July, then first of all submit your bail bond and surity before the court and demand all the documents from complainant after that try to collect evidence for your support because in complaint what is his version regarding your cheque is most important thing.

Ankit Saha (CEO)     06 July 2013

My friend, If you go to court and declare you gave cheque as security for a bribe, you will face some other criminal charges. Judge expects you to come with clean hands.

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