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Jaspaul (Xxx)     25 May 2012

Remarry ex


A few years ago I came to India, to marry a girl here, and brought her to the UK to live with me. She came to the UK under the spouse visa for 2 years, but she choose to stay for only a few months returned to India.

Due to the circumstances - I assumed the marriage was finished, and informed immigration she had left the country and walked out on the marriage.  Unknowingly on my part, she boared a flight to return to the UK, but was refused entry.

In 2009 i applied for a divorce in the UK, which i was successful in, even though she choose not to sign the papers.

As the divorce was done in the UK, and the marriage was done in India, 1) are we still married in India, or divorced? 2) Is she allowed to return to the UK? 3) What does she need to return to the UK?


Thank you in advance,



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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     25 May 2012

ur marriage still subsists.

Nitish Banka (lawyer)     25 May 2012

Your marraige is valid in India.

I don't know how u have claimed divorce in UK??

Jaspaul (Xxx)     25 May 2012


I don't know how, but it has happened. She returned to India after only a short stay, and was not really interested in staying for much longer. A lot of girls come to the UK for Visa's, pursuaded by their family, that their sometimes is a better life for them.

As the marriage is valid in India, we are legally still married in India. If she wants to come to the UK, does she need to re-apply for the Spouse Visa, or no, she needs to apply for a different visa?

pradeep (na)     25 May 2012

"Due to cercumtances - I assumed the marriage was finished and inform immegration, she has left country and walked out on the marriage. . . . . . . . . .A lot of girls come to the UK for Visa's, pursuaded by their family, that their sometimes is a better life for them."

Your above statements show, how casual approach you have regarding marriage. In fact you are not a fit case for marriage. At least, you should have confirmed over phone before informing such a serious issue to immegration.

Jaspaul (Xxx)     25 May 2012

Did I ask for your personal view of something you know very little about? No, I didn't. Unless asked, Keep your personal view to yourself. Can any professional qualified person, answer the above qs? Thanks.

Alok Tholiya (self employed)     26 May 2012

U r arrogant and rude. This is open forum and u can be polite in asking for more proffessional advise without being so curt. 

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Vishwa (translator)     26 May 2012

For someone living in the UK, your English is remarkably poor and full of mistakes. On these grounds alone, your immigration status can get cancelled and you may be sent back to Ludhiana or Hissar or wherever you may belong.

On the other hand, your wife may get to stay in the UK because healthy females are in demand all over the world, they can cook, clean, iron and do many other things. She will probably take you to court, clean you out right down to your underpants

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     26 May 2012



Originally posted by :Jaspaul


As the divorce was done in the UK, and the marriage was done in India,
Take: Your marriage for all practical common-law reasons is still existing in India
as per Indian Law. 

Are we still married in
, or divorced?
Take: Yes both of you are still married in India
. The last time when she came to UK was on "Partner / families Visa" showing from her side her existing marital ties with you as per Indian Laws for which she got Visa from nearest UK Border Agency but since you already informed after taking your ex-party Divorce there to Immigration Authorities she was “flagged” upon arrival with one phone call allowed to her to make which she made to you that is why you boost here arrogantly what you say in your brief above. 

Is she allowed to return to the
Take: Read above take and in future also she may be allowed to return to UK on Study and or Visit and or Work Visa
which you cannot put a stop upon her it is other matter if she have resources to avail or not being left here in the lurch which is unfortunate conditions for a still married Indian women given to understand assumptive brief(s) here.  

What does she need to return to the
All she needs is fulfillment of Rules as laid in UK Border Agency for grant of UK Visa to come back on any of the above three possible entry methods open / available to her as of today.

For records: I for one am curious to know why you called your post thread title as Remarry ex?
PS.: You may choose to ignore answering my question.




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Ranee....... (NA)     26 May 2012


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