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Vivek Malaysia (Software)     21 March 2012

Regarding father's property



I had invested close 4.5 lakhs on my fathers house but now he wants to give it away to my sister. I dont want to talk about settlement till they are alive but my sister is keen in getting a plot from me (that i bought from my earnings) as excahnge for this. so basically my dad & sis are trying to corner me. can i do something legally here to keep my rights on the property as i have spent money on it form my pocket.





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surjit singh (Assistant)     21 March 2012

So far the property is concerned you have not stated that the property which you renovated is your ancestral property or self acquired property of your father, on the other hand you have also not mentioned about the plot you purchased from your earning stands in your name or not, if it stands in your name there is no question of parting with the plot without your consent..So far the building is concerned which you renovated if it a ancestral property legally you have to get a share in the same. If the building is the property purchased from self earned of your father, then your claim to it becomes a little lighter, but in doing so there are some exceptions also.

sri (ceo)     21 March 2012

sit down and calculate your upbringing costs from your nappies... you need to repay your parents within their life time... which very few do... be the one...

if your father and sister are against you means... you are financially not willing to share their financial troubles... it is against humanity to go against parents... be fair and settle...

parents share is equal to siblings... your plot... his house... all complications... but need and must share...

Bharatkumar (ADVOCATE )     21 March 2012

Property make a problem if u r not understand so if u invested 4.5 lakhs rupees in your father home so what. OR

IF u invested a rupees in your father property and u give a checque for that and u collect some bill for that? Evidence is very important in law so first u give some evidence and then u file a suit against your father and sister and received amount  from them by court. (but it's not proper).

Vivek Malaysia (Software)     22 March 2012


i understand the costs of my dad bringing me up and everything. As a good son, i have settled his loans and my educational loans and took care of all my expenses including my marriage on top of  renovating the home so they can live comfortably. and what i get is all curses and need for more money from my dad to assist my sister's family who eloped with a rogue when she was 18.

all i am saying is "My father is 58, i am not keen in sharing talks now, but my sister is bcos she has nowhere to go. and so my father wants me to give away my hard earned or blackmailing me that he will give away the home to my sister instead of sharing it equally ".

If you talk about humanity to me what humanity from my fathers side.

sri (ceo)     22 March 2012

there are many cases elder son or earning son supports family but ultimately has to share the house he constructed on fathers plot to other children...

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