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RCR v/s 498a. Its necessary that man should file RCR before her 498a

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Ghajini (SSE)     31 August 2011


Sadly this forum is lacking in number matured members like Shonee sir and Galsober sir, who are helping ppl on diff forums...

Instead we have many members here who have lot and lot of time to argue with others..asking irrelevant off the topic questions...just wonder how free these ppl are ...

VINOD VERMA (C E O)     05 June 2012

In the times of male female euality... the Sec 498A is a graet danger to the society specially ther married men in the first 7 years of there marriage. Th fasle 498A cases outnumber the actual cases by 7-8 times and the innocent men are left with nothing but a shattered life. The dowry act as so called is being used more as for black mailing and terrissiom only GOD know how long it will last in INDIA (Mera Bharat Mahan). The powers vested with the Police and the Judicary are all baised against the innocent men, who are always at the receiving end. When will our Law Minister wake up to this burning issue, befor many millions of more Indian men are put behind bars in the name of dowry harressment???

julius (service)     28 September 2012



I came across your id in a forum. Am facing some issues wrt my married life.



Am leaving for Kolkata tonight to meet my wife and find a way out to resolve if possible. Provided, they accede to my request in teh first place.


Here are the facts of the case so far-


I met her in Jan 2011, through my maternal uncle in an ad in the newspaper



Marriage was finalised in July 2011, date given on 11 Dec 2011.


A few days prior to my marriage, my father fell ill and was admitted in hospital in Vapi, with lung and heart complications.


It was under great stress that the marriage was held, with not my mom and dad in attendance. At point, the girl’s family had called the marriage off. I persuaded her and then they became ready.


Soon after my marriage I came back  but my father died in on Dec 19 2011.


It was a very turbulent period, and naturally my new wife dint get a perfect honeymoon period as she desired.

To make amends, i took her to honeymoon twice. She stood strongly by me, no doubt on that.

In the month of Feb, her parents came visiting and stayed for 21 days and then we all went to Kolkata.


In March 2012, I had to go on an overseas assignment for a month and half to Iran, came back on April mid, during this time, she started complaining about my mom and adjustment issues. This continued to a point and I decided that after my second trip overseas I will quit the assignment for the family. Her father and herself continuously nagged me to quit the assignment.

I came back in July second week after 45 days, stayed at her parents place for 4 days, then i asked her to accompany me. She refused to come to my place at all. This led to another heated argument.

In between a close aunt died, but their family dint even pay any condolences at all.

Despite that i told her that we are going back to Bombay to start life afresh .


But just 2 days prior, her father told me that she wont come now, but we will take her to you after a few days. I was aghast that they dint even consult me before doing all this. I had created a space for her by telling mom to stay back in Kolkata for a few days as my wife always complained about space.

Since then , am in Mumbai, her father nor she hasn’t even ever bothered to enquire on me. Despite that, i have been calling up and asking on her to come. She never put a date, just biding time.


To solve matters, my uncle initiated teh discussion with them, but the parents just kept delaying time.

Then they asked that I have to come to discuss over matters. And now when am going tonight to Kolkata to sort matters as I informed my wife, she conveyed on phone through her father to my uncle that we don’t want to continue this relation and all correspondence will be throu lawyer from now on. They want to separate on mutual consent, and they want one furniture set which they had given during marriage ( i had vehemently objected to it) as gift and they informed that they wont return the ornaments and gift which the girl received during marriage.


Since then i have called up my wife , trying to speak to her, but never once she picked up call. She ws the one who enquired when am coming, but just as i informed her, they done this.


These are the facts of the case, am not even going into the kind of insults, trauma and abuses on my mother that they have put on.

Now, am thinking that they can file thousands of cases in the name of 498 A, etc etc and put my family and myself through more humiliation.


She has been staying apart from me since last 3 months and its hardly 9 months into our 30 and she is 28.

She has adjustment issues with my mom.

What can I do to safeguard myself and family if they want to file false cases to get me implicated and go direct to court of law without even going into mutual discussion ?

Can i get an injunction? And under which law can i get contest and get her back to me ? will RCR help if she is not willing to come at all?


Please do advise what do I do .

VINOD VERMA (C E O)     28 September 2012

The best recourse would be to go for a divorce on mutual consent, as indian males do suffer badly in the hands of law due to CrPC 498a, and that too in the first 7 yrs of marriage. 

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