pyhsical shares dmat

I have approached a share transfer agent (RTA) for dmat of physical shares. Please note below :

- share certificate is jointly held by my father and mother and it shows my mothers maiden name (before marriage) as 1st joint holder in one certificate and 2nd holder in other certificate.

- my mother has expired and the death certificate is in after marriage name. (before marriage and after marriage name are different)

- there is no marriage certificate 

- my father has made affidavit Affidavit duly notarized on Rs. 100/- Non-Judicial Stamp paper confirming that two names are of one person only. 

Please clarify below :

The company registrar has asked me to get succession certificate.

Since the share certificate are jointly held and one holder has expired, it is normal transmission and dmat case. As per my understanding succession certificate is required only if share certificate is in sole/single name.

Why they have asked succession certificate ??

Please reply soon



Succession certificate will show that you are the legal heir of the said share alloted to your parents and satisfying condition that you and your father are lone successor for the same appoint a local lawyer with death certificate of your mother it may take one month or more till the succession certificate is alloted to you   



Succession certificate shows in it that you alonh with your father are the legal heirs of your mother and are successor of the of the same. For further details you can contact us on Mob : 993028557 Adv R. D. Shah
Ex - Scientist `F`& Head (SPPD)

U have not written value of the securities, as procedures are different, if value is less than Rs 2 lac.

Kindly download SEBI circular of 28 Oct 2013 on simplification of procedures for transmission of securities from internet. May be it may help u.  




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