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shrikant v. sathe (retired)     14 November 2011

Prosecution against paramour


      I have taken x party dirvorce from my wife as she had eloped thrice with her paramour.He is a BHONDUBABA  and  they both had deceived many people in Goa .My ex-wife is an astrologer .They both cheat the people by way of Mantra -Tantra.My point is I have taken a dirvorce in 2007 .They both elpoed  in March 2007. Now the question is at the time of their eloping I  had not taken a dirvoce.My question is can I lodge prosecution against that paramour for maintaining physical relationship with my wife, now ,means after dirvorce ?He and she both are not traceble,and their missing complaints are lodged in respective police stations in Pune.She is not missing but had written a chit. in her mother,s home and eloped with him .I came to know rheir addresses  in Gangapur but someone had informed them and they ran away next day from Goa . This incidence took place in 1 june 2008 .Now from  that date nobody knows where are they.I am pursuing police but they are doing nothing.I want to prosecute that man after divorce and wife  for ruining my and my childrens life.


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Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     14 November 2011

Don't waste time on wasteful pursuits ...... You will fix him in sec 497, then he spends 3 years in jail only to return with the similar feeling "of that of revenge" ... so again the whole life gets entangled. Boss ..the real victory is in living and evolving better than your wife in the furture ahed and I am sure you will coz you have gone through the worst and now you understnd life better than anything else. Best wishes




Nothing will happen to the paramour. He seems to be incorrigible like your wife if you can call her that.

1. If you go to your wife and plead for a mutual consent divorce, she won't grant that pleasure.

2. If you talk to the paramour to marry her, he won't do it.

3. If you get into law mess you'll make a laughing stock of yourself.


I suggest you unleash Swamy Nityanand on her. Only a thief can catch a theif.


Take action immediately..otherwise she will talk to some lawyers and come back with the most potent weapon 498A against you..then CrPC 125 and may be DV..this is the standard operating procedure...

1) File a complaint in the local cout u/s 156(3) of the CrPC praying for an investingation againt your wife and the Guru Ji..you can pray the court to book him under section 497 of the IPC as mentioned above...

2) File a divorce petition  under 13(1) of the HMA - for cruelty against you and your child

3) Get anticipatory bail...if you feel necessary 

Emotional matters will be taken care later...but first things first...do it before it is late..


shrikant v. sathe (retired)     15 November 2011

Dear Ranbir,

                       You have noticed in my query that I have already taken a dirvorce,and it has passed 4 years ago.Now I want to teach a lesson to both of them by way of law  esp. that Bhondubaba cum paramour for maintiaing physical relationship with my wife.At the time of their eloping I had not taken dirvorce .I had taken x party dirvorce after 4 months of their eloping.

with regards




You can still file an application under section 156(3) CrPC..asking for an investingation....


Dear Mr.Sathe,

Why don't you start a new life. That BABA guy will drop her when she gets wrinkles.KICK HER OUT out of you life and your mind.

Dharmesh Manjeshwar (Advocate/Lawyer)     15 November 2011

well said Debbie & Nina ...... What's with this D & N ? are there 2 people or is MPD ?

shrikant v. sathe (retired)     15 November 2011

Dear D and N

                         Fist eloping was in 2005 when she was at the age of 44 .In the year 2011 she is 50yrs old .The production of money generates when they both come together.She examines the horoscope and tell the Bhodubaba for any remedy for the client.Then Bhondubab asks the client to to perform some yagas of daata devi and so on..This is their mode of operendy.His news had come in Goa newspaper in 2007 about cheating of many people in pretext of  so called bhatji..bhikshuki for taking huge amounts.He might have killed her

with regards


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