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preposterously false - grievous hurt

How far is it ethical to boycott ,harass, and emotionally cause grievous hurt to a 30+ (year old) Child, Immediately after his mother expired in 2011, by Mother-Daughter duo) supposed to be (Uncle's) Sister(Widowed House Wife) & Niece (Practiscing Advocate) who have there son/btother & his wife settled in London, filling a case(petition) within 10 days of her last breath!

Only for the purpose of acquiring Property/Assets/Money & claiming her or anyone else right on all the valuable, Movable & Immovable things/assets merely through (Uncle) - a Epileptic & Completely bed ridden Patient
(Mentally ill), not even in a position to sign,(Mentally Unsound) as they call there on blood, putting allegations on the Child and his late mother after her death, of not taking care of the person(who for all these years, from the very time - after his elder brother (Late Husband of the lady) expired in 1997.

Calling the child as Adopted.

Filling the case and petition with immediate Guardianship, Money for his maintenance and Property & Money in any form (all forms) made available to them. For the Grandfather of the child had made the will(in 80's) that only the back portion of the so called property will belong to the person(Uncle).




It had been any lady (child’s late mother)with a history of blood pressure & diabetes in her weak health, soon after her husband expired, would have not taken a single step to care & certainty abandon, & waived her hands off (her husbands's brother). Does it not become more specifically the duty of the so called concerned Sister & Niece & nephew & her wife to be equally responsible in taking the utmost care. They have just been washing there duties off, by coming once in a while, bringing whatever they could just to show there artificial. superficial concern for there brother/uncle. It's been 50 years or so, that (Uncle) has been living with the lady and his son at there residence.






The whole torture & boycott of using there Uncle/Brother merely to accumulate wealth and there unlawful part in Property(Will clearly mentioned that (Father/Grandfather to Mother/Daughter) Grandfather of the child, has done all he could do for her & her kids, and nothing more is to be given to them. There would be no dispute in the family (since he and his wife were very much intuitive of the nature of there daughter & her witty gamely aspirations), & No one could sell the Property. Uncle would only enjoy his rights until he lives under foster care and vigilance of child and his parents & grand mother until he lives. Soon after Grandfather's death Grandmother passed away, which on the contrary left no hope and arrangement either way for the Mother-Daughter duo on there assets, which were only Willed addressing Child, his Parents & Uncle.






The Mother Daughter from the very start had there eye on the Property & were upset about the Will of there Father/Maternal Grand Father.






In her death bead, Mother of the child was much concerned and without fail, asked her child to make all the necessary maintenance amount to be given to the Mother Daughter duo, which in accordance was asked form the Mother Daughter due for uncle's maintenance, patiently agreed upon by Mother & child to provide for Uncle's maintenance, the same amount has been kept in consideration and not a penny less has been reduced till date.










They acquired all the medical records of uncle’s from the child and his late mother, the very next day they took him away to there place(ocassional visit) and state that the child & her mother have no records maintained, neither were they bothered to do the needful in keeping with the health of uncle.








It was all planned, there visit, taking uncle to there home, & then hitting on every spot they could, for they have had assumed that child’ mother was unwell and weal, and was going though some tests, & attending doctors.













For all the years uncle had been in our house, he had been provided with servant, driver, 24 hour’s on call attendance by child and his mother to his needs (from bathing to washroom to food and drinks etc & they state that uncle had been a dead meat at his own house, un cared unkept and unattended.













Meanwhile they also put allegations on to my & mother’s maternal family members of scrutinizing the property for there benefit of doubt being interested in property etc, and have dragged them to the court along with me.













Number of times they have wanted to settle down on a mutual understanding, but I don't understand a bit of such mutual understanding once the petition/case is already being filled in the court of law.













A complaint to the local police station addressing the same have been filled as well against me & my late mother. Very well understandable that the mother-daughter duo, specifically the daughter is trying her hands on experimenting her law practices and reach.















They claim to state that the child did not went to meet his Uncle (who stay’s with the Mother Daughter duo, after being taken away during March end 2011) when child’s mother was very much alive in March). On the other hand they have submitted objection over chid’s wishing )Seasons’s Greeting) & wishing and asking if they all were in the pink of there health including his Uncle, Mother-Daughter duo and there son/brother & his wife. - Contradictory. They specify that such emotional tantrums are being made to lure them off there malafidely intended practices on the contrary blamed & shall lie against anything (which is in good faith done) or intended to. & have intended to used malafidely as a weapon for harassment to the accused (Child & his later Mother).












If had been any boycott or grievous hurt of any kind, or no love for his Uncle, the child would have immediately stopped paying the so called amount.(much more then the rent from the back portion - to which Uncle holds right).








Poor he (Uncle) not even sure if he would have told about the death of child's mother & the situation and circumstances which have evolved so far (hidden from him the very facts, using his ill-health as a weapon with his maternal uncle & aunt, supporting the same, who have been supported/helped with money by Child’s father, without even bothered about the interest - unpaid so far till date, On the contrary child’s mother had intimated them about the same number of time, but they would always find an excuse not to give) . Poor child who immediately after her mother expired, ran into contradictions and pressure under no reason or rhyme.








With all the facts taken in consideration - The whole episode(Mother daughter duo's Allegations/charges hereby stand preposterously false, null & void.






Hence, Vehemently denied.


We have had number of dates so far, and the next date is on 7th Aug ’2012.

The 30 year old, divorced, with mutual consent. It was the last time, he was going through the same, and this time its the same.) Making round of Police Station,Lawyer,Court with his Mother, and Relatives, Friends, mostly with his mother. The Child says he is being called to the Police Station, to settle down the whole issue, and more or less, asking
things to be made favourable-being tried atleast(that's how they seem to look at the moment), I hope there aint a big bribed demand via corrupted malpractices,if so' how many pockets would one go filling! what the - no idea! - the Compaint (Un-Registered FIR, is to be taken further for the prosecution! A written Statement at the police station by him submitted, with valid proof.In state of terror victimized,frightened to his life at stake(who knows if someone could kill him), and the whole future, in front of him! With no family member to shoulder him, It's his maternal family and few friends, who he can trust.Relationships go for a toss, when it comes to a realisation, that the Parental Umbrella is no more on the head, and you are one alone lonesome adopted kid - being assaulted,and no one comes to your rescue. Thanks to everyone who has been cooperative enough, and is a part of my rescue, and been there at odd times of stress and difficulty - so far.




Finger’s crossed.





Goodness Gracious - (For God’s sake) Leave me alone, You had already caused me and my late mother, father, grand parents & uncle much pain!



At last but not the least to mention two of close relatives (maternal uncle and aunt) of the Uncle being used as the witness against the child, favoring the mother daughter duo.

Wallowing in Regret - in a Quagmire Situation





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