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Please tell me....

i just want to know that in case of love marriage is there anytime limit to file a case for Annulment and Nullity of marriage under section 12 (1) (b) (c)..


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Found the Happiness (Enjoying)     12 March 2013

Yes there is the time limit..... ideally say 1 or 2 months maximum....

Where as some times 2 months also be considered as huge time but finally everything is depending upon the reason for nulllity? Like for example

1) Fake education communicated

2) Any critical illness hidden before marriage

3) Lots of other factors

but again if both are agree for nullity then it is easy otherwise the nullity can never be resolved.

Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     12 March 2013

time duration for all annulement ground is one year.


Respected Experts i got confused over your reply because one of you is saying time limit is 2 months and other is saying it is 1 year..... I will eloborate my situation... we did love marriage on 30 May 2012... wife didnot stayed with me because of her 3rd years exams in june 2012... in july we inform our parents but her parents are not accepting because of casteism.. so by making emotional and mental pressure on girl they filed a case for Annulment and Nullity of Marriage.. in case the allegations are " I made pressure on the girl that if you dont marry me i will shoot your Dad and Kidnapp Your brother.... all these allegations are tottaly fake and i have the proofs that girl herself wants to marry me....... Now please tell me about this....

Found the Happiness (Enjoying)     12 March 2013

MSK is right the period is 1 year but then too its depends upon the circumstances.... Generally its wrapup within 2 months....


In your case what you want? Do you want your wife back or Divorce? Please decide?

If seriousely you want divorce then ask their advocate for MCD.

Or if you want your wife back then again try to convince her and also you can take the help of local police also to get your wife back.


Sir i want my wife back because i respect this relation a lot and marriage is not a game..... so i want her back and wants to live my married happily forgetting all those fake allegations made by her parents... Can anyone please tell me that how can police help me in this matter when the case is going on???

Found the Happiness (Enjoying)     13 March 2013

Kindly follow following steps:


1—Firstly directly call her or take the help of her local friends and arrange the meeting so that in that meeting you can again wash her mind and if she becomes ready then you wins… You can convince her friends/relatives/teacher/etc to give you the favour….. Emotionally you will have to convince them to help you in that case your wining chances are more.


2—If this is not enough or this strategy fails then call your nearest relatives/friends/elder well wishers/local politicians/local bhai/etc……. Simultaneously call her relatives/friends/elder wel wishers ….. and forcefully ask for a group meeting….. remember in this meet you & your wifes parents are required ….. and diplomatically/tactfully pressurise them to let you live with your wife….. I have more than 100 cases of self-experience @ my NGO that this formula 100% works.


3—If this strategy fails then you please go to the women council/local NGO, They will call them forcefully and they will try to convince your wife to rejoin.


4—If this strategy fails then don’t do anything just go the police station and show them a proof of your marriage and say “this is my wife and forcefully my in-laws has kept her in their house, I want my wife back, Please help”…. Police will call them … They can convince her in your favour….. And will ask the girl to rejoin you if she want to rejoin you then you are lucky otherwise your bad luck…….

Found the Happiness (Enjoying)     13 March 2013

Most important thing my dear friend..... If really & soulfully you want your wife back... then you should be having lots of GUTS/DARING/CONFIDENCE/COURAGE..... otherwise you will loose in all the above strategies mentioned.

That courage & confidence should be seen on your face.

Dont worry sir my in laws will never seen any kind of threat on my face.I hav nothing done wrong I married her with her wish so that courage and that confidence will always b on my face and I want my wife back coz marriage is not a game.

Can anyone tell me that what are the possibilities of anullment and nullity of the absence of proofs and on fake allegations.

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