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Please help...i dont need divorce from my husband

Page no : 2

Raj Vikram Singh (Software Engg)     07 December 2011

Rose, The only formula is (+Love) and (-Ego) with communication going betwen 2 of you. RCR/Case etc are all not worth, if you really want to stay with each other. Such relation is only depends on faith. If he is really gentleman as you metioned he will surely give you chance. Give him time and no distance is far. You can also visit Canada. Its not on moon.......

raj malhotra (M.D)     07 December 2011


           as u have told that ur in laws r very well educated they must be knowing it very well that divorce cant happen legally in three weeks....its for sure that ur egoistic behaviour has hurt them somewhere...now by saying that they want mutual consent divorce...either they r trying to show u that by ur this behaviour marriage is gonna end or they r thinking of customary divorce which can happen in presence of the elders of family right now followed by divorce decree after one year...may be they r thinking out of these two options.....BUT THE GOOD THING IS THT U HAVE REALISED UR MISTAKES...REMEMBER ONE THING NOBODY CAN FORCE YOU TO GIVE A DIVORCE........SO BETTER DONT WASTE TIME NOW....ACT NOW ONLY...TALK TO THEM,APOLOGIZE FOR UR MISTAKES AND ASSURE THEM U WILL NOT BEHAVE LIKE IT AGAIN...GIVE IN WRITTEN THAT U APOLOGIZE FOR UR IGNORANCE AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IN FUTURE....IT WILL SAVE UR MARRIAGE....AND REMEMBER UR IN LAWS IS UR FAMILY NOW NOT UR ENEMY...TRY TO ADJUST...TIME MAKES EVRYTHIGN FINE...DONT RUN FOR COURTS OR POLICE...IT WILL RUIN THREE FAMILIES...UR PARENTS,UR INLAWS AND UR OWN FAMILY AS A COUPLE...EVERTHING IS IN UR HANDS SISTER...LIFE COMES ONCE...DONT SPOIL IT...LIVE IT BE HAPPY.ALL THE BEST.

cm jain sir (ccc)     07 December 2011

Dear sister rose,

Immediately approach them and apologize for the mistakes. we are human beings and doing mistakes are normal for everybody but we rarely accept our mistakes. you are a great soul that you are accepting your mistakes. go and immediately meet them.

who is the hell protection officer, he will take money from you as well as from them. you will be spoling your future if you take this route.

sahil kumar (cosultancy)     07 December 2011

divorce is not granted at the first instance , one year time is given after admitting the suit for divorce so that couple  can be given  one more chance to sought out the issue 

secondly on the grounds on which  ur husband can file divorce must be supported by some kind of evidence 

do not leave ur husband's home in his absence or presence  concern a good lawyer near ur area

Aishwarya (Teacher)     07 December 2011

Call him if u have any of his number, send an email asking for him to forgive u.send him flowers , greeting write love letters ., seek a common friend who knows him as well as u  and ask him/ her to call ur hubby at some place where u can go and meet him all by surprise,,since he will lbe leaving for abroad..

.u  have to make all the efforts during this time only..

And divorce cannot happen just like that..1 yr is needed before filing the divorce petition..and in no case he can be granted divorce if u dont approve of it..

 If u wish to save ur marriage then remeber not to opt for any legal methods as it can spoil or worsen everything..

Dont worry and stay calm 


Dear Sister (Rose),

Its good to hear that you realize your mistake and wants to live with your husband, but as advice by many, I Too wants to say, don’t go for any legal route it will only break your marriage sooner or later, because all this law may protect and support you but you will end up with Divorce. Because it adds as NUCLEAR FUEL in relations. And End all possibility of “Meet”

Of course there are laws which will support you, but there is no point of keeping forceful relation, if there is no interest from his side, since you have already enforced him to continue from These laws.

I’m also harassed by my wife, by filing false FIR against me, to keep me and my parents under her control.of course she is control freak. But Now Me or any of our family members will not take her back at any cost. And Who the hack will take girl back, who’s gone to Court/Police and drag the family in?? I believe no one, and only it will end up with Breakup.

My advice is to talk to him, Call him and most important try to win his heart and speak to his parents, and apologize. It really hurts when wife say, don’t want to live with their parents, Remember one thing being gentle and Kind no husband will ever leave their parents nor his wife, but demanding unusual things you are surely creating more and more hassle for you.

So Plz Plz, try to be Polite and solve the matter amicably through elders, instead going Evil / Feminist routes. It will ruin and destroy you in future.

Angshuman (IT)     07 December 2011


I find most of the comments saying.....

1.Don't misuse law

2.Talk and explain your realization to your husband and ask for appology.

I also agree to these two points.But I don't understand "HOW"....if they are not talking to you.

Since I have gone through the phase as your husband is going I can give little idea what he is expecting.

1.He is not at all interested for divorce.

because ,If he was interested he would not have risked himself to come back to India on VACATION and get trapped in 498A or something.He could have applied the divorce in CANADA and in your absence he would have got that and get married to some other lady.You could have done nothing to him.

2.He is waiting for your appology and looking for you to come back.

He are few things you can do immidiately since you want to patch up and you realised that there was something you should not have done.

A. Send SMS ,Email and try to call him.But definitely do the first two.And keep on doing.

B.Send a letter written in your own handwriting in white paper addressed to your husband in registered post with AD.

 Write all your feelings and all your realisation and your will.

Its your marriage and its your life.. If you have to go and talk...if you love him climb the mountain or go to the sea.if he loves you he will understand and will accept you..

only request .. Do it Fast .. before he leaves...and if you go with him to Canada .. considering him ( as you told) he is a good person.. then other member of family hardly comes into picture..



Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     07 December 2011

My dear sister Rose,


If you are wrong,apologize.However if you are being harassed unnecessarily,don't apologize just to harmonize matters.Remember that you have your own self respect too.If you beg or plead too much,those people will treat you like a doormat forever once they discover you are ready to fall at their feet so easily.


I have also tried begging,pleading etc when my husband had deserted me.He too was posted abroad.But it did not work.Their humiliation increased further,as they realised that me and my parents are weaklings who do not deserve respect.

Once I realised how foolish I was begging and pleading them,I hated myself for treating myself so badly and allowing them to walk over me.

If you have deliberately misbehaved with them,apologize for sure,and seek their forgiveness.


However,if you made mistakes just like any other human,apologize then also.

But don't keep apologizing repeatedly.After all we are humans who sometimes make mistakes,which includes your in-laws and husband too.

Take care..

Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     07 December 2011

Hey Rose,

Keep the things simple ...... simply call your Husband and express your love and apologise if any wrong done from your side........ EXpress..... & Express hard ....... I am sure any honest and loving husband simply will not be able to ignore that. Talking legal never helps especially in such an inititial stage, it ends up in divorce sonner or later. So wats the point?

Best of luck and God Bless!!!!!



V R SHROFF (Sr. ADVOCATE Bombay High Court Mob: 9892432152)     11 December 2011

No one can force you to file consent term divorce. 

Be calm , cool, and when get opportunity, talk, and show your desire to live life peacefuly. do not start litigation, it usually  break marriage bond, and both repent lateron. 

Dr. GYV Victor., PhD., CEng., (Chartered Engineer Dredge Master (STCW 95) Marine Shipping Contracts Customs Arbitrator and Consultant)     12 December 2011

if you are christian by religion, then seek the help of your priest to mediate and you may after true repentance inform your in-laws of your past mistake with a plea to live together. taking a legal stand will only precipate the issues, so better forget your ego and be ready for some brick bats for reconciliation. Good luck and god bless

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