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Muru (Technician)     02 January 2013

Phone call from father in law when rcr ii pending in court

Dear Experts, 


I have filed RCR against my wife who deserted me 2 years back for chilly reasons asking her parents words. We have never had any single enqiury or councilling in court so far. Now my father in law is calling me over phone and asking me to come to his home to call back my wife when case is pending in court. They also have given lot of false case againt me.

Kindly advice me when case is pending court, shall I attend their call and talk and go to their home?

If I should not attend call and go to their home, what is the answer I have to give them when Phone call comes?






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Never Give Up (Fighter)     02 January 2013

What are cases between you and your lovely ?

ABHISHEK KUMAR VATSA (Freelancer)     02 January 2013

hi muru,

See if u are still interested in starting a new life with your wife then  its okey if u call her back. But now if u really made your mind to get together with her i will suggest that u shouldn't call her back. And as per your father in law is concerned its better to keep him as far as possible :).But in case relating to rcr he can't  do anything ...

but may i knw whn did u filed your case?






Although your query lacks many details regarding your case & Current status, my simple suggestion is, if you have reunion intention, despite court cases, please do the following:

1. Understand the purpose of your FIL calls to you. Why they are doing it now? Probe him to understand his intentions better, over the phone.

2. If their request is genuine ask them to have a counselling session in the court itself, BUT NEVER OUTSIDE, to see whether she is interested in reunion.

3. At any cost, DO NOT go to their house to convinve her to bring her back. This could/might lead to several issues at a later state like:

    3a. If they approach court telling that you came to their house, threatened her, in laws n everyone.

    3b. Why you went to her house for reunion since this is already in court for redresseing.

    3c. They also get a chance to file other complaints, if they have bad intentions.

Again, my suggestions are still and always open for other member's opinion.

Finally, please clearly write your case details to Advice better.


Muru (Technician)     02 January 2013

Dear experts,

Thanks for your inputs. I have filed RCR against my wife. Her father and family members are asking me to be as their wish. I am not able to take any of my own decesion for my family. They want my salary to spend as they tell. Totally i have to lead a slavery life. Wife is also supporting them. But I want to stand on my own. They have beated me in a private room in front of wife. Wife did not tell any thing when they were beating me.

After that I went to women police station. They did not come there for two months telling wife is not feeling good. Then only i filed RCR. There I have mentioned that though they have done much more harrasement to me, for the sake of my child (2 years) welfare , i would like to live with my wife. But it is 2 years since I filed my case. They were askeing for Interim maintenance and order was passed that I have to pay maintenance. I have filed against maintenace also i cant pay as I am asking my my to come and live with me. 

Now please advice me what should I say when they call me over phone?



Never Give Up (Fighter)     02 January 2013

Plainly say that we can talk over all the issues on next date of RCR in court premise.


Rajesh Kulkarni (Advocate)     02 January 2013


Hi Muru,

If you are ready to accept your wife then ask your wife to attend next date of hearing and file an affidavit before the Hon’ble Court incorporating these undertakings:

  1. I shall (your wife) undertake before the Court to lead a happy life with my husband (you) without harassing him in any manner
  2. I shall withdraw all complaints/cases (civil or criminal) filed against my husband (you)


I opined for these terms to be incorporated because looking on the legal aspect of your case, by doing so cases filed against you by your wife if any shall stand withdrawn.

Make sure she files an affidavit undertaking to withdraw all cases (civil or criminal) filed against you



Rajesh Kulkarni

Advocate, Hyderabad



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