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I am an innovator and i have several patent ideas that i develop into prototypes. however these prototypes i lend to some engineering students for submission of their project at their colleges and universities. kingly tell me if i shud get an affidavit or bond or an agreement in this regard so that the rights remain with me.


Obviously you wil have to do that. Dont ever make the mistake of lending your ideas before filing atleast a provisional application.You even have some provisions in the patent act as what should be done if you are disclosing your invention for educational or research purpose.

So please do read before proceeding.

All d best.

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thanks for your reply. kindly help me in this regard as i dont have any know how about this. please tell me about the provisions that are present and applicable in the patent act.

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Dear User,

First of all you cannot disclose your innovation to public. Best way to get the protection is to file a Patent Provisional Application form.

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Dear Er Qadri

I would imagine that you are involving the students right at the stage of proto-type development and not just after you have developed the prototypes.  If so, you need to bind the student through appropeiate written agreement prior to start of the project implying he/she would maintain confidentiality and would not exhibit, present or publish the work or results of the project anywhere without your permission and  that the IP rights emanating from the project would be assigned to you or to your department.  You should yourself also excercise due restraint till a provisional patent is filed.

I am a technologist turned Patent Agent and also designated as 'Scientific Advisor' to the Patent Office.  I shall be happy to advise you on the type of agreement you could enter with your students and also help filing your patent applications, if you would want so.  Please get in touch with me at meritindia@gmail.com or at 011-45630873 (O), 011-25446234(R) and 9810096099(M).

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Mr Quadiri, You should sign Non Disclosure Agreement with such students.Filing a Patent application is advisable and if you want to file at economic rate,kindly contact us at info@fundipr.com

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Dear Er Qadri

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