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I and a girl got married after 4 years love relationship & without consent of our respective parents. Actually we are from different caste and community so our parents were against our relationship. The said marriage was solemnized with full Hindu rites and Ceremonies in a registered temple and with guidelines of Purohit. After marriage he (Purohit) gave us a registered marriage certificate. The pictures of marriage were also taken by professional photographer. After that we approached the hon’ble session court for seeking protection of our lives and liberty. We jointly filed a petition under section 482 of Cr.P.C. before the hon’ble session court. Our statement was recorded. Pursuing our affidavits, photographs of marriage, and proof of age, the court passed an interim order directing the S.S.P. to provide adequate security to protect our lives and liberty. That after passing of the said protection order the parents & other relatives of girl approached us and assured us that they shall give due respect to our marriage, however keeping in view the honor and dignity, the girl should come back to her parental house and thereafter she shall be sent to her matrimonial house with full grace and honor. I believed their wording and sent the girl with them on the same date. However instead of honoring their words of sending back the girl they brought to create pressure on her. After 4 days the mother of girl along with several other people came to my house and threatened me that I must agree to give divorce to girl, otherwise I’ll be done to death. They also threatened me that the father of girl and other closed relatives are employed in police department and I may be framed up in false criminal cases and I’ll never be able to come out from jail. Even after I have been continuously getting threatening calls on my mobile phone. Feeling threatened I filed an application before the S.H.O. police station bringing to his notice the entire matter and seeking protection. But they didn’t take any action (Because of girl’s father and other relatives are in police). The girl gave a written statement to the police that the said marriage was a fraud. She along with her parents file a false and baseless application before The hon’ble session judge that I did the marriage at temple to gave her an intoxicant medicine and take her court by force and pray the court to dismiss the protection order and  take legal action against me. And also filed a criminal complaint against me Under Section 323, 354, 420, 467, 471, 506 and 511 of Indian Penal Code before the Chief Judicial Magistrate. The C.J.M. sent the case under the inquiry of 202 Cr.P.C. and appoints an I.O. for this inquiry who is a police man. The I.O. was also the known of girl’s parents. The hon’ble session judge rejected her false application and extent my protection alone till next date of hearing. The parents of girl told me that they are performing her second marriage with a boy of their own caste and the girl is also agree for this. I really felt hurt and filed a civil case or Permanent injunction of second marriage and a case of Section-9 of Hindu marriage act. The Civil court passed an interim order for restraining her from contracting second marriage. In the inquiry of 202 Cr. P.C. I gave written testimony of all matter along with copy of marriage photographs, certificate of marriage, the protection order of court and the phone detail of my phone which declare we have talked to each other before marriage. But he (I.O.) sent the inquiry report against me. The parents and relatives of girl started to give threat to me and also approached my office and threatened me with full abusive words in front of my clients and my seniors. They told me that they have money, power and approach and I can’t do any thing. I lost my job. I approached the police station with a complaint of them. But the police man refused to take my complaint. The police and girl’s relatives harassing me by verbally and by coming my house. I made a written complaint and sent it to the senior authorities like, Prime minister, Home minister, Chief Minister, Human Rights Commission, Deputy Commissioner, Director General of Police and S.S.P. of the city. But no action was taken till date. The C.J.M. summoned me on the base of police report of 202 Cr.P.C. Inquiry which one is also false and manipulated. My parents are also blaming me because I did the marriage without their wish. Lost my job and no more money in hand. The girl is also standing against me. No one is with me. Totally fed up. I have all the proves of our love relationship like photographs, phone details, messages etc. The all court papers is original and in my favor. What should I do please suggest me. No one is standing with me that’s why I need your help. Please help me. I never did any fraud and never hurt her. I need your support people. Support me if you think that I m right, support me for trueness. I don’t want to loose that fight between true and false. Please help me to give your valuable comments and advice. Support me. It’s an appeal to all true lovers, to all true people. Support for justice. 

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