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Sairam (NA)     09 July 2011

Need Help to Vacate Tenent

Dear All,

Recently my father had passed away, so we have vacated the house and gave it for Rent; they never paid Rent on time, after a couple of calls they used to credit the rent. After 6months I have gone to my hometown to see my house. It was embarrassing that they have nailed the woodwork done on the cupboards, there was No Fan (I gave rent with 2Fans and AC) and the Cupboard doors were broken. I asked them what is this, they said children while playing they have broken it unexpectedly. So, I asked them to repair them as earlier as possible.

After a month I got a call from my Apartment People (Secretary and others) and complained that tenants are causing annoyance to others and there are around 15-20people staying in my house, this is not fare. Immediately I called the tenant them asked to vacate in the month of April.

I have also given a message to them on 15th May, 2011 kindly to vacate by June15th as there are No Dues. They said ok, after a month I gave call to them on 10th June to know the status, but they said they are not going to vacate as they haven’t found any house. I said this is not fare you need to say this earlier before I call you, but this is not good. They said why I should call; I haven’t found the house I don’t vacate. After a Quite discussion I gave them one more month time Till July 15th 2011. Again couple of days back gave a call to them as a reminder but they behaved very rudely with my Wife and Mom over Telecom. I again called them and said no more discussion you need to vacate by 15th July. Now they are saying the same thing that they are not going to vacate saying the same story hasn’t found any house.

Please let me know what can be done in this scenario, my mother was really feeling sick of that house as it was Remembrance of my father and they have made it so. She was even sick oh that house and was truly bed ridden. Don’t know what to do with the tenant.  My mom is my life; I have no one other than my Mom and now she is down, please help me out. I want our House Back and see Smiles on my Mom face.




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People (Secretary and others) and complained that tenants are causing annoyance to others and there are around 15-20people staying in my house,

Whether u have any idea why 20 people are staying there, it is it explained above they are causing harm to others it means they are doing things which is unbearable by the society. If some illegal things are going there you may be catch by police. Please file a case in court of law as early as  possible.

Register their names in nearest police station with details. 

jeetendra patel (lawyer)     10 July 2011

what  sort of  and when  an agreement  you/your father had entered into  .whethere it is a leave and licence agreement or tenancy agreement for how many period .whethere it is duly stamped and registered and where does this house is located. pl. clarify all these things what are the terms of the agreement.pl. clarify aa these things .then proper advice can be given dont be panic .

j.p.patel advocate pune (9921158871)

P V Namjoshi (pvnamjoshi@gmail.com)     17 July 2011

To which state the property belongs and which law is applicable. Please let us know.

Sairam (NA)     19 July 2011

@Patel : Actually we dont hav any agreements. After my father demise we left my place (vizag) and came to Hyd as i am working here. So, one day i got a call from my Apartment watchman that tenents are intersted to join. I have gathered all the details and i said ok... but Now they are cauing these troubles.

srikanth_thakur (lawyer)     05 February 2012


the appatment people can complain about the annoyance caused by the tenant. You have to issue quit notice to ur tenant thruogh lawyer and if still dey didnt vacate file a suit before the civil court. U didnt mention the monthly rent amount. depending on the monthly rent also d court differs.  

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