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Gul (Lead)     27 May 2011

Muslim Hindu Love Marriage

Hello Sir,

I am New Delhi

I am 28 yrs of age, Muslim Boy and my girlfriend is of 25 yrs age, Hindu Girl. We have planned to get married. We both have tried to get approval of our parents and tried to convince them with our best efforts.

I have manaeged to convience my parents, but she has not. Now we are planning for court marriage. I have got approval for this from my parents.

What should be the next step?

What will be the conciquences?

Will there be a police against me?

Please advise.


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james bhatti (Advocate)     27 May 2011

When both the parties are from different religions, they can file an application with the Marriage Law officer for solemnisation of their marriage. Since you both are major, there would be no problem.

Both the oparties will have to appear before the Marriage officer and present the notice of intended marriage. On presentation of notice of intended marriage, the officer shall issue a notice for 30 days whithin which objections can be filed.

WHO CAN OBJECT: They are not the parents of the parties. The object of this procedure is that neither the husband nor the wife should have another spouse living.

Police has no power or right to interfere with you. If you still apprehend the police, file a petition with the concerened High Court for Police Protection. The police will protect you both.


Please do not hesitate to ask any question further in this connection.

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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     27 May 2011

There will not be court marriages.  Registrar of marriages is the authroised person.  You will have to file an application before him along with an affidavit regarding age and residential proof.  After accepting your application it will be displayed on the notice board of the office calling for the objections, if no objections within one month then marriage certificate will be issued.

Parents of the girl may lodge complaint against you.  Your GF plays vital role in this, she has to say with her own will and wish withiout any bodies pressure she got married you.

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Nirupom Dutta (advocate)     27 May 2011

agree with mr.rajeev,you have to file an application b4 REGISTER OF MARRIAGES along with required documents. 1 month is objection period. parents of yr GF may lodge complain against you, in such situation yr Gf must have to say that it is her own wish to merry u.


agreed with Mr. Rajeev

Gul (Lead)     30 May 2011

Dear All,

Thank you for all your replies to my question, which helped me to proceed further.

I want to know your reviews on the below:

I visited a Lawyer in Local Delhi Court and told him all the situation and circumstances I am currently in.

First he advised me to go for a Special Marriage which will require to send notice to girls parents from the court, which offcourse I did not wanted too, as it might create problems for her, and she may be forbidden to go out from her home. So he came up with a different solution. To get the validation to marriage, he asked me to ensure that the girls converts to Islam Religion, and then get married through Qaazi in Mosque registered in WAQF Board and hand over the marriage certificate/Nikahnama to him. After which he will file a “writ” in High Court, and will also ensure that our marriages gets registered legally in the office of “Registrar of Marriage”. He said that High Court will send notice to both the families of girl and boy. After the order of High Court, SHO of our Local Police Station will send police to our homes for verification and the message will be conveyed to families that we got married legally. Also High Court will provide protection for both us from the families. And if something wrong happens with us, families will face dire consequences. He says if we follow these footsteps and go through High Court, even Local Police cant harass us in any given circumstances.

Also I wanted to know the estimated expense if I go through this process. As the Lawyer has asked for Rs.40,000/- for this, to get the marriage registered and file writ in High Court and for the all processes that may be required for our safety legally.

Please suggest the best with your valuable advise, as it matter of my entire life.

Thank you

james bhatti (Advocate)     31 May 2011

I aree with your lawyer. After you get your Nikahnama, go to the High Court for police protection.

You are over worried. Please note that the Law is with you, provided you adopt the proper way.

As far as the lawer's fee is concerned, every lawyer has his own fee. Rs. 40,000/- should be paid if you can afford it or negotiate with your lawer.

May God help, bless and protect you both.

Sourabh Rawat (BA)     15 June 2012


I m Sourabh  (Age 26) (souraraw@gmail.com)working  in a Software Company. I m In love of a Muslim Girl (Age 19). We both Love each other and want to marry to live a Happy life. Now had talked to Many peoples but i m only getting confused day by day. I need your help to marry the girl I love. I want to Avoid the Fight between me and Girl Family there fore I want a solution where Law will back me up and stand Firm.

james bhatti (Advocate)     16 June 2012

Love requires sacrifice. Please do not get affraid of an FIR expected to be lodged by her parents. When you secure police protection from the High Court, no FIR will be lodged.

As I have already replied to your quiry and said that there are a lot of judgements of the different High Courts that  there should be in interference between the two lovers.

So do it soon and after facing a little tension, lead a very happy life. Labour brings sweet fruits.



Sourabh Rawat (BA)     16 June 2012

Ok Sir,

But still I m unawair of Procedure of what to Do First.  If you can Let me know that. It will be a great help For me. 

I also Wanted to ask How many days It take for taking High court Purmit. 


I cant Come to Jalandher as she cant leave home for that much Days.  I would love to take your servise. I will Hire a Layer here in bhopal ASAP. 

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