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missing shares of an employe

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A person had bank share and he was an employ of that bank. That shares are managed by a company and shares are in 10/ rs each denomination. After sometime company has been changed and a new company began to manage employes shares.Before 3 years company called to employes to submit thei share because their denomination was changing from 10/Rs to 100/Rs. This person sent his shares but did'nt get back his shares back. He called many times to that company ,personally he went their for enquiry and sent an email. company said we have already dispatched your shares before 3 years. Now what he has to do now recentally he sent an email and wants their help but they has'nt replied. Give me solution ?


Do you have any kind of reciept that ur shares are under company custody If yes then u may file a case

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If the shares are misplaced by the company and you have the photo copy of the shares which you sent to the company which was of Rs. 10/- denomination, look to the Ledger folio number and write a letter to the company for issuing duplicate shares. The company for the purpose of evading the satm duty which they have to pay on the duplicate shares is evading the onus. Pursuant to the same, file a suit as against the company. 

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