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Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     12 June 2009

Marriageless Society- Is it possible?

Is it possible to visualise a "Marriageless society"? Is it possible that the marriageless society will be more just, will give more freedom to individuals for development of mankind. I just received a message from a friend, and though we can discuss-.......quote,

Guys, I was thinking about Ratan Tata, Atal Bihar Vajpayee and APJ Abdul Kalam.

These guys are not married. They all are virtually in their 70s.

Even after 3 years since my divorce, I did not marry. I wanted to have freedom after 3 years or marriage and another 2 years of court cases. I wanted to live life exactly the way I wanted. I knew I can not live my kind of life, if I get married even to the best "Sati Savitri in the world".

I know, how miserable lives of my married friends are. Yeah. They go to parties, they have birthday celebration of their children. But, they are so busy and so worried and time will pass before they get old without knowing what they did to their lives.

Here I am. I left my job, started a company and traveling around the world, when I wish. I know, I can do whatever I want to do being free.

In many countries in Europe including in Germany, people almost have not only lost trust on marriage but also on having children.

Many old people in these countries do not have children.

Then there are other questions for married men:

1) What is your children never take care of you in old age?

2) What if one is married and his wife dies before him and he is lonely at the age of 65 and children are not ready to take care of him?

3) Today most people have one or two children only. There is guarantee that any child will take care of parents given the current trends.

If an alternative marriageless society is created, that will empower men. If a man's wife dies when he is 50, what does he do? Marry again?

How long we have to follow the social definition of having a good life inside marriage? How long good life will remain dependent on having a wife? Today, women are not thinking about husband, then why men have to think about having a wife?

How about creating separate systems and structures for non-married men (even in old age)?

One idea is to create an modern Ashram for old age. If a completely alternative living model is created for single men, many men will choose not to marry.

If you can face divorce cases or DV cases at the age of 33, then one can face such case at the age of 50 as well. What do people who face it at age of 50 do? Marry again and get another DV case at age of 62?

An alternative lifestyle model for single men has to be designed.

Best Regards



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Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     12 June 2009

There are three questions-

1. Why do men marry? Whether marriage is fulfilling that expectation?

2. Is it possible to create an alternate system for men where those expectation and requirement will be fulfilled?

3. Whether the society on the whole, on such alternate system will be more just?

Kindly share your views.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     15 June 2009

Think of two views:

A . Marriageless society - Had there  not been marriage system, the mankind would not have been better than animals.

B. Married life - Speculate, how much of our constructive energy is wasted in combating with marriage related stresses and depressions! where would have we reached in scientific developments, had there not been  these stresses and depressions !

arathi (manager)     15 June 2009

Marriageless society can be forseen may be some 300-400 yrs later. We are progressing towards Live in relationships, where couple excercise maximum independence. With women progreessing ahead in the professional front, the concept had already come to dilution. People are more comfortable to lead a pressureless life. As currency is the meadum to buy anything, people would rather concentrate on profession.

Though I am undergoing through huge mental trauma through marriage, my job gives me a great pleasure today. I have a wider perspective in life. Rather than sacrificing life for a man, why not contribute energy towards spending time with orphan children adn educating them, why not spend love, affection and time with the old who are left at the old age home. I feel, we would contribute a lot to this society.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     17 June 2009

Well Shri Tripathi- without marriage mankind would not have been better than animals? I do not agree with the statement. Marriage is hardly 5000 yrs old institution. Mankind developed much beyond animals before the institution started- in fact the institution started only because mankind developed themselves beyond animals. Human beings were developing fact even before the institution started. The question is, whether marriage has accelerated or deccelerated this growth? Further, how does it likely to affect this development in future?

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     17 June 2009

My firm believe is that an institution survive only when it serves some purpose. Darwinian evolution- an organ survive when it serves some purpose.

Whether marriage is serving any purpose today?

In an outdated marriage, where man was going to work outside and was earning livelihood, women was complementing him in maintaining household/raising children for future security was serving some purpose of everybody. In modern marriage- men and women both are working and earning money and dont need other persons earning, household work has become easy and many men do their household work themselves with modern machines, with insurance and old age homes- children are not required for future security; it has become very difficult to visualise what purpose is marriage serving?

Vishwa (translator)     06 July 2009


Sexes are equal and play equal roles in society. Women and men contribute equally to the maintenance of  family and household.


From testtube babies, in vitro pregnancies are only a step away, relieving women of their child bearing obligations. Even gay couples can have children by cloning.

What is human race coming to?




Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     12 July 2009

Vishawa, development. Every development has been seen in humanity with same expressions-"what is human race coming too?". However development is accepted in course of time, if it serves humanity.

Cloning will assist humanity.


Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     12 July 2009

Dear Rajesh Ji, I am unable to agree with your view that Cloning will assist humanity. In my view it will destroy the humanity.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     12 July 2009

Dear Rajesh Ji, with due respect, I am unable to agree with your view that Cloning will assist humanity. In my view it will destroy the humanity.

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     13 July 2009

Keeping the emotional factor outside, as such factors are generally result of social conditioning- I think cloning is a better way of human reproduction.

We have seen in fruits and vegetables as best quality of fruits are produced through cloning only. Take for example Mango- all the good varieties- Alphonso, Maldah, Dashahari, Chausa are cloned (Kalami) variety. Same is true for Roses too- Kalami (cloned) variety is better. Why do you think it will not be for humans? 

aatma   19 July 2009

Marriageless Society- Is it possible?

Marriage:  In a civilized society  "marriage" is a Relationship between male and female to achieve reproduction.

Answer:  If one takes the meaning of marriage as mentioned above then the answer for the question is YES. It is possible. This is happening right now!

Recent amendment in Law:  Woman can marry another woman. No man necessary for marital relationship.

Recent Scientifin Finding:   "Y"  chromosome is in trouble. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes packed with genes that dictate every aspect of our biological functioning. Of these pairs, the s*x chromosomes are different; women have two X chromosomes and men have an X and a Y chromosome. The Y chromosome contains essential blueprints for the male reproductive system, in particular those for sperm development.

One of the possible reasons - increasing number of misuse of gender biased laws  (false 498A cases)  put more pressure on men.  Need more research on this aspect.

Will Chromosome Y Go Bye-Bye?

Is the End of Men Imminent?

ABC News Medical Unit

July 17, 2009—


What makes a man a man? Socially, that is a complicated question. Genetically, however, it is as simple as a single Y chromosome.

But guys, that chromosome is in trouble.

In a new study, researchers say there is a dramatic loss of genes from the human Y chromosome that eventually could lead to its complete disappearance -- in the next few millennia. While the Y chromosome's degeneration has been known to geneticists and evolutionary biologists for decades, the study sheds new light on some of the evolutionary processes that may have contributed to its demise and posits that, as the degeneration continues, the Y chromosome could disappear from our genetic repertoire entirely.

"It's certainly possible, but it's difficult to predict when it will happen," said Kateryna Makova, an associate professor of biology at Penn State University, who led the study, which was published Thursday in the journal PLoS Genetics.

Although geneticists and evolutionary biologists agree that the Y chromosome is degenerating -- and far more rapidly than its X counterpart -- they reject the idea of a world far in the future where men are obsolete.

"The idea that the Y chromosome has just bailed out of an airplane without a parachute simply doesn't fit the facts," said Dr. David Page, director of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Mass., and a Y chromosome expert. "The evidence from studies on natural deletions of [genes on] the human Y chromosome shows there are consequences, especially for sperm production, that implies very strong natural selection against the loss of genes on the human Y chromosome."

More details:

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     19 July 2009

It is the Y chromosome which have put men in disadvantaged position. However, this chromosome which is necessary for courage, passion & aggression, which has resulted in such development of humanity. Due to these qualities only, men are suffering.


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