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Dinesh mehta (fresher)     21 April 2010

many duties of husband but what are duties of wife ??

several duties for husband mentioned in hindu marriage act, hindu maintenance and adoption act and CRC.. etc that husband has to maintain wife even if husband is not earning.. this is duty of husband..that is duty of husband..
is there any duty mentioned anywhere for hindu wife after marriage..in law ??

so a husband can show to court that his wife has not  done her duty...so she is also punishable or atleasdt not entiled to maintenance..??

kindly help me finding this thing..


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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     21 April 2010



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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     22 April 2010

But Arup sir, in Tribals, the main earner used to be female and they run entire family. Males are like titular head only drinks and dictates to his wife. Also tribal community wecomes the birth of a girl child. The problems are with us, so called civilized people, where we keep only expectations.

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Kamal Grover (Advocate High Court Chandigarh M:09814110005 email:adv.kamal.grover@gmail.com)     23 April 2010

Right answer is nothing precribe in any law about duties of wife except conjugal rights.

Bobby Mani T (Lawyer)     23 April 2010

Sadly, the wife has no much duty. she has only to give you company. Not to do cruelty to you.  Do not keep away from you so  that your conjugal rights are infringed.  Not to harrass you.

These are considered as duties of wife, in fact all these acts are promulgated to safeguard womens rights.  Hence no much remedy will be available to husband.  In almost every family case the loser is the husband.  So if you can cope up with your wife do not disturb the relationship and pull on.  Every one is doing so.

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Payel Nandi (LAW STUDENT)     23 April 2010

there is  duty of wife written in law.duties of wives need not to be written because after their marrige they are completely being separated from their own family,lives with husbands,runs households,manages the work of the home,maintain the whole family,be faithfull to the husband an to others,give birth of children bring them up...do all these need to be written...are these not the duties of wives???

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Payel Nandi (LAW STUDENT)     23 April 2010

the sentence shud b * there is no duty of wives written in law..

Rajadiraja (Advocate/consultant )     24 April 2010

Payel, honestly tell me if women are doing these duties today, particularly, after the enactment of all the draconian acts like DV, 498A,125, etc.  All that they want is money, property - Ruin the husband and Grab everything from him without carrying out any of the wifely duties. Take maintenance from him every month and lead a jolly life for ever.  This is the truth. All family values are gone.  Only men are blamed for everything. 

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Payel Nandi (LAW STUDENT)     26 April 2010

Mr. Rajadiraj i think u have witnessed  such bad experiences where the wife had done all these bad things..but trust me,all wives are not same..and as an advocate u also shud not say such things,u shud be impartial nd u shud not give ur opinion by seeing  a few women of this mentality...

Dinesh mehta (fresher)     26 April 2010

what is importanant is " big drama of injustyice financed by unjustifiable laws".. so every woman mmay not be bad.. but laws are tempting the women to become of such mentality..suppose a good woman..knows that such laws are there.. then they become egoistic before husband and they not only they don't try to adjust to new environment.. but they are " teaching other ladies, not to compromise or adjust to matrimonial environment..--as i have noticed on other boards and woman forums.." so laws are making every second woman.. bad.. just think if no such unjustifiable laws are existing then ??? woman would have started adjusting  and family problems become minimised..

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     27 April 2010

Dear daughter payel, it is an absolute truth that all the wives are not of same category. but it is also a bare truth that a large number of wives are not duty bound. They use their matrimonial relationship - to earn money and the other materialistic gain from their husband.

The duties you have posted, are not recogonised by any law. - these are the main gap in the present matrimonial laws of india.

if the khap panchyet  or any other institutions raised these points instead of a veuge ponint, - i, and not only mine, most of the victimised persons would feel happy.

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Raja Babu (def)     07 December 2010

Miss Payal is right. But for that matter not all the people of society are criminals still we have laws to punish criminals. Similarly if a wife is not performing the unwritten duties as mentioned by miss Payal, is there any way out for the husband. There are wives (whatever may be the number) who are eating, sleeping (alone) and doing nothing. may be they are idiot but enjoying all the hospitality of husband. Only because once upon a time their family have cheated their husbands family. Situation must be improved for those harrased husbands.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     07 December 2010

" The problems are with us, so called civilized people,"



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HANUMANT DESHMUKH (Activist)     07 December 2010

Women indeed bear the brunt of a male dominated society. Duties of wife need not be written in man made law because duties of women are enforced by God. They have to bear children. This is the biggest duty and no amount of law for men comes close to this. So stop crying about laws that are meant for protection of women. Yes, some people abuse the law. But every law can be and is abused.


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KNK A Learner (Learning to share)     08 December 2010

In Ancient days, Society decided the duties of wife, So they fear of society, But now our Laws diluted them in the name of freedom. To much freedom makes you walk naked.

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