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Is this acquittal of wife justified..? where wife was the reason for suicide of husband

A Nashik resident, who spent nearly seven years in jail after she was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing her husband, was recently acquitted by the Bombay high court, which ruled that it was a case of suicide.

Vilas Pawar committed suicide to teach his wife Usha, who had filed a case of maintenance against him, a lesson, said the court.

Seven of Usha's relatives, including her elderly parents and three brothers, who were also sentenced to life imprisonment in the case were acquitted as well.

Kindly, go through the following link to read the full details:

Is this acquittal of wife justified..? where wife was the reason for suicide of husband



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That stage is not so far when marriage in India will be treated as curse. No men will marry. They will take the services of physical satisfaction on day basis and pay through their credit or debit cards.Online prostitution will enter and no hogging of wives will haunt.

Wife meaning in India has changed to a female who has all rights reserved to harass,extort and terrorize their male partner in a legal way.

It's a Sin to be born in India where harassment is the trademark of the country. Whether it's democracy or non democracy India is running on the same track. Whether it's corruption,Inflation or extortion all is here to make our country as "Mera Bharat Mahan"



M V Gupta (Advocate)     26 March 2014

Some women are increasingly using the provisions of DV Act and IPC to harass their husbands and their in laws for flimsy reasons. They want their husbands to  be hen pecked and do not tolerate any disagreement  with their views. The relevent laws need to be amended to protect the interests of the husbands. Provisions in the Acts making a complaint under the DV Act as cognizable and non bailable offence need to be deleted. No arrest of husband or his parents and other relatives should be effected without proper  investigation by the Police. This would avoid false and malicious complaints.The above observations do not mean that all women are like that. Indian women are largely traditional and family loving and always willing to do any thing in the interest of family and their husbands. The some women mentioned above are exceptions.

M.V. Gupta.

Advocate & Legal Consultant. Mumbai.

498_final stage (Professional)     26 March 2014

Mr Gupta, this is an old age finding.. A lawyer like yourself writing this today is not adding any value to audience here.

Its time to react and hit them hard. 

498 A fighter (Advocate)     26 March 2014

@ 498a_Fighter

sir you know some peoply only advise and keep going on advising, but this is the time to react i talk much with sufferr ESIS author of this post how to handle or act on this ?

if we all gather and unite then we can do some resonable job so that such bad practice even not come to at end but it can be minimize better arguing her and giving advice  we move to work of co urse  this is tough task but unitedly we can do and stop this....


We need One Voice not one sided voice We need One India not one sided India

We need One Law not one sided Law  We need One Justice not one sided Justice


Join hand’s to fight against Misuse of Law, their Legal extortion & terrorism.



Email: everysuffererisasaviour@gmail.com



The value of freedom is measured by the cost of struggle,If you need freedom then you have to become a fighter ….as no other option.

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The recent SC judgement on 41 crpc and its mishandling by police will surely give a some bit of relaxation to all harassed husbands where unscrupulous wife and her gang use to harass innocent husbands.

Soumya K (Doctor)     17 July 2014

It was sad incident, but self-destruction to avoid paying Alimony should never be encouraged by Law. The part of the news explains the Incidents well.

Three dying declarations of Vilas, accusing Usha of forcibly emptying a bottle of poison into his mouth, were recorded. But the court took into account Vilas' conduct. "It is material to note the conduct of the deceased. Vilas was refusing to take treatment," observed a division bench of Vijaya Kapse-Tahilramani and Justice Pramod Kode. "If Vilas had been forcibly administered poison, he would want to save his life and... immediately submit to treatment. Vilas was refusing to get treated, which shows that he wanted the case to get serious in order to cause harassment to the appellants... Vilas himself consumed poison as he wanted to teach a lesson to (his wife and in-laws)." The court also referred to the panchnama which revealed that "Vilas consumed poison from a bottle and he told (his wife and in-laws) that he would take every one along with him".

Usha had filed a maintenance case against Vilas after their relationship soured. Following the court hearing in a Nashik court on January 11, 2007, Vilas landed at Usha's parents' home with a bottle of poison. Vilas claimed that his in-laws held his hands and legs and Usha emptied the contents of a poison bottle in his mouth. Usha and her relatives said that it was Vilas who himself consumed poison from the bottle.

The trial court had held Usha and her relatives guilty of murder and sentenced them to life imprisonment.

The court also referred to the panchnama which revealed that "Vilas consumed poison from a bottle and he told (his wife and in-laws) that he would take every one along with him".

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