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ajayKD (Client)     03 January 2013

Looking for a high calibre family lawyer based in chennai

Dear All,

I am looking for a Senior, experienced, top-notch, high calibre lawyer to help me fight my divorce and child custody case based in Chennai.

I am a consultant by profession so it is my nature to be research based and hence must be willing to appreciate my inputs and work as a team.


Winning custody of my child is my top most prioroty in life and so I request prospective counsels' only take up this case if they can spend the necessary time and effort and those already burdened may please skip this opportunity.

I am travelling out of India most of the time and hence the need to use e-mail, Skype, etc is for most part necessary in these circumstances. However, I can provide a summary gurantee that for all actions where my presence is needed, I will be there.


There has been an incidents of defamation by the press and involvement of police high-handedness, bribe and other untoward incidents. These are already being investigated by the Governor's Office, CM Cell, Press Council of India, Cheif Secretary of Tamil Nadu so experience of dealing / communicating with entities of this nature may be of advantage.


Appreciate someone who can give me a clear plan of action, steps required to achieve an outcome and be able to stand by this plan.


We can discuss other specifics on the phone / e-mail.






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Ashimta Lekhi Malhotra (Independent Lawyer)     03 January 2013

You want a senior and top notch counsel and yet expect him not to be burdened? Doesn't make sense. Your conditions are too onerous for a good lawyer to accede to. It would be impossible for a lawyer in the litigation landscape of the country  to come to skype to talk to you.

Anyhow search one through reference.

ajayKD (Client)     03 January 2013

Thanks for your response. I am sorry for my ignorance about the legal profession in India. I should probably rephrase, I would ideally prefer a counsel who keeps his clients satisfied. My present counsel didn't turn up for the hearing saying he was busy and might just make it when my number / name was called. He didn't! Skype calls can be made and received on a mobile and one does not need to "come to Skype" and these calls are obviously in lieu of face to face meetings. These are my requirements and finances are not a constraint. Let the dice fall where they may..

A.P.Loganathan (advocate Madras High Court)     03 January 2013

I hope I can take care of your issues

let us meet first and see the possibilities of moving to gether. then will see the facts and issues

contact me at :94449 31258  e.mail: l.nathan@yahoo.co.in


Advocate, Madras High Court

Anand Kumar (Employee)     28 December 2013


I am in similar situation as yours. Did you find a good lawyer at the end? It will be good to share your good and bad experiences with lawyers in chennai so that i can take a more studied approach.



Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     28 December 2013

knowledge is power.

find a lawyer who can spare time for ur case.

work with him for preparing ur case.

u are the only person who knows ur case BEST.

do some legal research also.


by the way, HMA contains 30 sections out of which all are NOT required in each case !!



ajayKD (Client)     28 December 2013

Hi Anand,

Firstly my deepest regrets to you at being faced with this situation and it would be an understatement if I said I can understand what you're going through. But I do.


I am ready to share with you my experiences and consequences but cannot do so at liberty on this forum.


Please correspond with me on ajay(underscore)kumar(underscore)d@hotmail.com and I'll try to be of assistance to you.


Between divorce, custody, the police, courts, newspaper, accusations, IPCs, child-not-recognizing you, working abroad, money, lawyer fees and adjucations, you'll learn to appreciate why you failed to recognize happiness when you lived the life of a free man, or happiness in taking a morning walk or even the simple happiness in sitting still with nothing to worry about.


You are the best judge of your situation and if there is still an iota of chance to reconcile with your (ex) spouse, please do this before all else.


However, if you've crossed the point of no return, then mail me and I'll try to help.


Whatever be the case...Keep calm and this too shall pass...

ajayKD (Client)     28 December 2013


Jamai Of Law (propra)     28 December 2013

Mr Ajay,


In this forum people may help you to your genuine queries, if you have.



Once you know the technicalities and also legal nuances you are better of present your case on your own, but again the downside is that in that process you happen to ignore or overlook those crucial points which a third person would easily notice and also you happen to get carried away emotionally and that also causes deviations and distractions from the merits of the case in your favor and also weaknesses in your side.



Our judiciary is like an employment bureau for lawyers and ensure that lawyers get ample workload and thus function in connivance with lawyers as if self created shield surrounding it, and thus judiciary becoming immune and insensitive to plight of litigants but judiciary do not forget to garland itself as if they are saviors of justice to the people.



You won't find a good lawyer who would dance to your tunes (if that is the case then actually you can assume that he is a weak lawyer) My boss used to say .... MBA grads from IIMs are either inexperienced/freshers or very expensive ones to hire!!! I can't afford ones in expensive category hence I have to hire only freshers!!!



Better deal with your case on your own in court and behind the scene do take take consultations from a trusted lawyer who has integrity to wards his client as well as who is a technical experts but DO NOT delegate it entirely on the Lawyer especially in family Court matters.



Else you would consume time money energy and also peace of mind.

Gone are the days when people used to have a family doctor who used to give affordable medicine/remedy to your illnesses (wherein you also participate and inquisitively ask questions) but a heart surgeon does not tolerate any questions from any patient and patient also can't challenge what that surgeon is saying (except taking a second opinion without informing him!!)



Of course this is my just suggestion.


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ajayKD (Client)     28 December 2013

True Jamai,

I couldn't agree with you more...

The best approach, as you succinctly stated, in your post,  is to come to a middle ground between fully representing yourself and leaving everything in the hands of the counsel, especially in matters pertaining to matrimony, or the dissolution thereof and custody.

My request was not for a lawyer to "dance to my tunes" rather my appeal was for a counsel who "must be willing to appreciate my inputs and work as a team." and I quote in verbatim.

This is however, a non-issue at this point in time and I was able to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.

A.P.Loganathan (advocate Madras High Court)     29 December 2013

dear brother

in your present situation, the type of lawyer you are looking for  will not have the attitude of looking for/canvassing/convincing the clients for his practice

you need to identify the lawyer, must have full faith in him and surrender

the true doctors and advocates are god to their cients


Adv A.P.Loganathan, Madras High court

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