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ok. topic heading itself says. my wife left 3 years back, she is never coming back & divorce i have to dream about that ( coz of money n time involved, most important again mental torture in different way ), my kid i have to forget coz of law n she knows i love my kid n she continues her torture by not  giving my kid to me.

now that iam in a relation i would like to seek advise from the law genius's. me n my gf wants to get married, i told her situation n she is ready to come with me n live with me. i would like to know what happens if me n my gf get elope n live in another state of india, do the police will trace us out if my first wife lodges 498 etc blah blah blah. what if we go to another country.

kindly give your ideas to live. kindly understand the heart of an tortured indian male.

if you have any other ideas kindly enlighten me. i will try my best to live.


you can live in,, any where you want,,

but dont make baby.


It is best that you apply for a divorce and clear up your previous relationship, before starting a new one. In the present case:

  1. You can line-in with your GF
  2. However, if your wife finds out and wants to prosecute you then she can file a case of divorce on grounds of adultery
  3. In such a case, you can loose custody and even visitation rights to your child
  4. If you elope with your GF and marry again, a case of bigamy can be filed against you by the first wife
  5. If you do not re-marry and have a live-in relationship, even then your wife can harass you and claim that you have abandoned your legally wedded wife and married your GF
  6. At a subsequent state, if there is any quarrel with your GF, then she can claim that you cheated her and did not inform about first marriage, creating more problems with you
  7. You cannot have a child with your GF as that will be illegal and can lead to criminal prosecution against you
  8. Even the child can be labelled illegitimate, at least socially (even though the SC has now held that a child born in a live-in relationship will be given the father's name and will not be illegitimate)

It is easy to get divorce with mutual consent if both parties agree and if you reason with your wife, she should agree to the same. She might not be agreeing to such a divorce is because there could be unresolved issues in your marriage that both of you will need to sit down and settle.


ye saala zindagi. yaha janm lena hee paap hai. agar ji liye tho bi ye dirty wife zinda nahi rehne dethi aur agar usse bi jhel liya tho bi ye LAW zinda rehne ki thoda kuch chance jo bi hai woh bi usse nikaal dethi hai.

neither wife nor LAW will give freedom to live. no unresolved issues, that b*tch and their family are sadists and great actors. 

so my life is over regarding any relationship. i have to live alone in my life. and the lawyers and police they are so much greedy that even a leech is better than these people. best part is to accept and become sanyasi.


For getting a divorce, follow the following steps:

  1. File a petition for restitution of conjugal rights in the family court
  2. If the same is contested by the wife, or if she is not ready to return to your residence, then you can ask for divorce on the grounds of deserting you
  3. Of course, the law is difficult and the case can drag on for years
  4. Your wife can file a criminal case against you and you will face unnecessary mental torture and harassment by the police
  5. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and there have been numerous rulings by the SC and lower courts where rights of harassed husbands have been upheld
  6. You should not give up before fighting
Social activist and ESIS Legal Consultant (everysufferer


When torture becomes untollerable then listen only your heart.....

Living as Liv-In relationship with any unmarried girl can't be termed as bigamy or any illegal acts until or unless your GF doesn't ditch or make an issue further.

Best strategy to follow in your case:

1. File divorce on the basis of desertion and mental cruelity if she is not ready for MCD.

2. Live with your GF but don't marry her or else if you marry also your marriage will be void.

3. If she files any false cases of 498A or DVA then it will not sustain too longer for her as it will fall apart soon if you have guts to tolerate the initial hi-cups and even not bother about to go for a forced vaccation inside the jail for days or few months maximum.

4. In India Men are treated as only sperm donor and nothing else so don't expect much from anybody.

5. Earn much and stay happy as nothing is going to force you to live with your wicked wife.

6. If your wife is a greedy leacher then both you and your GF gather your freedom amount and pay your current wife to part away amicably with her.

7. Always make a note in India crime is purchased but only the right price to be given.So,you haven't done any heinious crime or a national/International crime that you are worried about your life.

8. Just chilled out man as you are not only the single person who is facing the same scenario.

9. If contested divorce goes on and MCD options doesn't work then don't worry within few years she will come to you for negotiations.

10. Till then enjoy the ride of Bad Laws and once you get freed from such trap you are free to announce your GF as wife or whoever at that time.




first wife was YOUR selection

she turned sour ! (after 3 years and after having a baby)

your first selection is wrong.

this GF is also YOUR selection

if after 3 yrs. she turns sour and u have not obtained divorce from first one, then may GOD save you.

dont enter into adelterous relation while your first marriage is subsisting




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