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learnlaw (Student)     29 July 2015

Lease rules in telangana

Can Salarised person buy Agriculture /non-productive land in telangana?

After purchase can it be given on lease to do farming activity?

What are the lease rules in telangana? if there a Risk for Land owner to give on leaser for 15 years?


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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     29 July 2015

Suprising query.  Can a Govt employee purchase a TV or Vehicle ?

Yes. any citizen can acquire/purchase land and give it for lease.  But that must be disclosed to his employer in hs return.

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learnlaw (Student)     29 July 2015

Thanks Sir.

After  Agriculture  land purchase, can it be given on lease to do farming activity?

What are the lease rules in telangana? if there a Risk for Land owner to give on leaser for 15 years?


G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     29 July 2015

If it is agricultural land, never give it lease for more than 11 months,and always go for sharing pattern of either product or fixed amount and the agreement can be even on Rs.20/-stamp.

Never insist rules and law with farmers, as they refuse to sign any thing out of fear.  All these are being undertaken mostly in mutual understanding and belief.

Normally no owner is prepared to give lease for 15 years (even in plantation crops) and please discuss with concerned plantation owners, and your advocate to safeguard your interest.

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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     29 July 2015

Your query lacks clarity you say that it is agricultural land and it is non productive.  To take care of your interests, go for Bank loan tie up and borrorw nominal amount for development, so that nothing can happen on the land with out your interferance, and you will also be eligible to losses in initial years for set off in other income.

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rajagopal.s (Lawyer.)     29 July 2015


You can buy agricultural land and let it on lease. but the lease period should not be for a period of more than 11 months. 

Also the lease agreement should be on a stamp paper. 

but before giving the land on lease, ensure that you have the sale deed, patta pass book etc in your name. 

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learnlaw (Student)     30 July 2015

Thanks all. Based on responses above,  collected more details. Have more question, please advice

Lease is for 15 years with registered agreement. During this period leasee will use land for farming and share revenue with owner.

Is this Safe for owner?

Can leasee claim land before and after lease tenure by any of goverment rule?


G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     30 July 2015

No.  Lessee is eligible only for possession right during tenure of lease.  Still there should be a clause for tenure in case of breach of conditions and that conditions must be drafted precisely and cover every respect.
(Lessee must deliver the possession in the same shape, when it was given to him)
In my own experience, as thefts were heavy on those owner's land, the land was given for lease to Eucalyptus plantation.  After ten years when I have received revenue of Rs.20,000/- (Rs.2,000/- per year), it costed me Rs.50,000/- to uproot the roots by making them dig with Excavator / tractors /disposal.  I can not use the land atleast for 2 years as the Fertility  in the soil was taken away by Eucalyptus trees.
So let lease agreement be drafted by an expert advocate and take advance, and if the advance is not paid regularly, lessee must surrender the land  within 15 days.
Another precaution is that Lessee is not eligible for raising loans against mortgages of such land, as I have heard in many cases, lessees mortgaged leased land to IDBI bank and Catholic Syrian Bank etc.,

learnlaw (Student)     30 July 2015

Thanks G.L.N. Prasad for detailed response.

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     31 July 2015

Despite the fact that Sh. GLN Parshad, an expert has advised you very well, I agree with him, however I shall advise you to put up such questions to your tutor.

!!!!!!!!!!!!??????   12 October 2023

1. We are planning to take 1-2 acres agricultural land for lease to do farmimg in Telangana.
2. We want to give annual rent of 3000/- per acre per annum to the lessor(OWNER).
3. Is it possible to take it without lease deed registration? If We want to get the lease agreement registered, what all are required and what are the charges?
4. Period 1-5 yrs lease.
5. What will be the total cost(all including) for this?

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