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I have completed B.E and have 2 years experience as software engineer. I am intrested in doing law.At present i am working in coimbatore. Can you please help me in knowing about the distance education or part time in law in coimbatore law school or any other open universities.

I need to know various law strems and its use , work area, scope.If distance education means will they take class in saturday and sunday. My situation is i can study on saturday and sunday. I need to study law.

Any suggestions. Please guide me . My personnel mail id: rameshever4u@gmail.com


You have to join regular college , do it.


software engineer

Please advice me why i cannot do it in part time or through distance education.. Can i practice law if i do my course in part time or through distance education?


Sir, Bar Council of India does not prescribe distance education for LLB. And if at all one gets a degree through distance education which is not recognised, he/she cannot practice in the courts of law. 

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And I do not see any value for an advocate in the eyes of public as compared to a software engineer. In this forum only, we have seen people talk about lawyers being at the mercy of common man for their livelihood and hence they expect us to reply to their all queries whether it is a legal issue or not.  Advocacy has become a profession of mockery in the eyes of public and there is no solidarity among the lawyer fraternity to fight back also. I advise you to concentrate on your profession as a software engineer and earn money in dollars from MNCs where you need not bother to any common man of this nation.

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Very interesting observation by Adv. Suchitraji. Being a s/w engineer myself I agree that in terms of money, quality of life, and exposure law field cannot match s/w. But then not everybody does everything only for money ::)

It is also true the the this profession has lost quite a lot of its lusture. So first try to understand and introspect why you want to become a lawyer and only then enter this profession otherwise there will be huge disappointment. I, for one, am quite satisfied with my decision to pursue law.


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All of us are excited to know about our society, culture, traditions and the laws that governs us.I'm sure you are one us.But it is not wise to  quit a high post for it.


There is nothing wrong in doing law; it may be an added advantage. So many doctors also do law to deal with medico - legal situations and related to their specialization. It will be great to do law after engineering and will benefit in so many other ways like in the field of IT/Cyber Law, intellectual property right etc.  Law is everywhere, and we cannot bypass law anywhere. So scope is there.


Law is the most important and Nobel profession. But generally the people have a tendency to look at dark side more than the bright side. So, do not go by the reputation and image in eye of general people. Let the general people be general only.


If degradation of profession is to be considered then what and how will we rate “Organ Trade” by medical professionals, here also they are saving life of another person, but at the cost of others. And in medical negligence we do not get any other chance unlike in field of law we get so many chances to correct our self.


In India profession is still not recognized, neither most of the people value nor they honor. In desperation only they rush to them.


Biggest problem is most do not want to pay for their services also most of people encourage/indulge in quackery.  



I have 12+ yrs experience in software developemt and working as a prefessional @ MNC. I had similar query like you. I  have done master of Mech Engg from one of the reputed college in India.

After experience in India and abroad, I have decided to study law at the age of 37.


1) Want to give different edge to my career. I can enter into legal dept of High Tech companies where I can understand technology, products.Earlier I wanted to go for MBA, but I compared the value addition along with the money I will be spending on the course.I found LLB has management essence also.

2) I can enter into patenting.

3) I can improve my social network (by attending college/profesor/seminars/guest lectures). I meet different people and see other side of professional life.

4)I can enter into any other field like Cyber Laws,International laws,Stock Exchange Laws,finance laws.

5)I can start my own company since I have knowledge of legal aspects which will boost up my confidence.

6) I can persue LLM/PhD in the subject which I will like most..

I have appeared for 3rd Sem exam and passed previous 2 exam without any backlog.

I really enjoy the studying the subjects.

So I will surely advice you to go for it if you really like to do the law managing your job.





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