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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     21 July 2011

Karnataka debates whether to teach The Gita in schools..

Bangalore:  A minister in the Karnataka government said recently, "No Indian who has values can oppose the Bhagavad Gita. Only those who love to adopt western culture can oppose the Gita. Such persons may well quit the country."

The minister, Vishwanath Hegde, is in charge of Education and if he has his way, every government school in Karnataka will teach its students The Gita for one hour every day.

Minority groups describe this as an attempt to communalise education and have asked the Karnataka High Court to intervene. The state and Central governments now have to explain their stand in court.

"I respect the Gita," says Mohammed Imtiaz, the President of the Minorities Federation. "But to say that everyone has to read it is unfair and against my constitutional right. Can I force students of other religions or community to read the Quran compulsorily?"


Recently, the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh drew flak for teaching Gita lessons in state-run schools. Two years ago, the same government was stopped by court from making students perform the 'surya namaskar' (sun salutation yogic exercise) or sing "vande mataram." Now, both are voluntary exercises.

It's not just the right-wing that's tried to shape education on the basis of its ideology. In 2009, the Kerala government made sure that autobiographies of communist formed large portions of History books. And when Murli Manohar Joshi became the country's Human Resources Development Minister in the NDA, he recommended that Sanskrit and Saraswati Vandana be made compulsory in schools.

When the UPA came to power in 2004, it promised to reverse what it described as the communalisation of education under the NDA government.

Educationists argue that currently, textbooks and teaching material in government schools blend portions of all sacred books. They say political parties should not be allowed to hijack state syllabi.


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Article 25 of The Constitution Of India  all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practise and propagate religion.



Swami Vivekananda said:

religion as it is generally taught all over the world, is said to be based upon faith and belief and in most cases consists only of different sects of theories and that is the reason why we find all religions quarrelling with one another. These theories are again based upon faith and belief.

According to sage Aurobindo, the quest of man for God is the foundation for religion and its essential function is “the search for God and the finding of God.

Aurobindo believed that the truth of any religion-related concept cannot be explained with the help of reason.

 Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1966

Article 18

 Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his own choice and freedom, either individually or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.

As far as possible religion should be delinked from all political activity. What is political activity poses the biggest problem. If politicians think that religion is intertwined with politics, no solution is possible. Unfortunately, demands coming up from various sections for preservation and retention of separate identity, to securing special rights based upon religion, and special benefits and advantages labelled at political and civil rights in the guise to claiming social integration are all factors endangering the social stability. 

Ram Samudre-DRF [NSSD-UOI] ([See my Blog for NSSD-UOI] Founder - President Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Democratic Rights Forum (DRF) (Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional Awareness for Trial of Public Service) email at - Twitter:democrats_forum)     21 July 2011

This is the reason as to how Congress ever comes in majority in Parliament since BJP has no national acceptance but biasly insists to implement its communal agenda.  So congress has no challenge for their corrupt activities by misusing “UN-OPPOSED” governance.


This is now not HINDUSTAN and now it is UNION OF INDIA under SECULAR DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTION. So the Agenda of Constitution should only be implemented and no such activities should be allowed in public premises which have communal concerns.


In educational institutions ONLY SCIENTIFICALLY PROVED syllabus should be included and IMAGINATORY STORIES should not be allowed and if anyone find doing such anti-constitutional activities IT SHOULD BE TREATED AS RASHTRADROH and life-time imrisonment should be given to them since such mentality never goes till life as such people are not changed their attitude in 5000 years history of their unscientific propagation of 10 Heads Ravan, 24 Hands Devies, 3 eyes Devta, God on Rat with Elephant Hand on human body etc. etc. endless & baseless stories like modern cortoon films.


Instead of such foolish things the constitution of Union of India, democratic rights of people of Democratic India etc. should be included in syllabus to make new generation of IDIAL INDIAN CITIZENS so foolish & corrupt politician will be defeated.


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     21 July 2011

In Gita,they only teach you how to live morally,.and in accordance with the universal laws.That's it.


If any1 feels threatened by study of Gita,the govt. should make it optional,so that students of other communities avoid studying it.They may go out and play,when the Gita lessons are being delivered.That's it.


It's not right to create obstacles in teaching of Gita only because a small %age of population doesn't want it.

Ram Samudre-DRF [NSSD-UOI] ([See my Blog for NSSD-UOI] Founder - President Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Democratic Rights Forum (DRF) (Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional Awareness for Trial of Public Service) email at - Twitter:democrats_forum)     21 July 2011

So for Hindus should open HINDU MADARSHAs for such subjects and common public instituions should not allow any communal concenned subjects.


Do you wnt to say that since Hindus are in majority and they want to make the India a Hindu state? Sound in your logic is favouring it.


If so, what will be the difference between Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, Talibaan and communal Hindustan?

Mohanakumaran (     21 July 2011

Those who want to know the truth may not say that the 'Gita' belong to the Hindus. Can any body think of any thing non-scientific in 'Gita'?

The Bhagavat Geeta is the property of the whole world and belongs to all living beings.

Ram Samudre-DRF [NSSD-UOI] ([See my Blog for NSSD-UOI] Founder - President Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Democratic Rights Forum (DRF) (Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional Awareness for Trial of Public Service) email at - Twitter:democrats_forum)     21 July 2011

And those who don't want this "WORLD PROERTY" should it be given them forcefully? So those who dont want it do not allow them to be alive like "SWAMI" Aseemanand & "SAADHVI" Pragya?? and others insisting alike???


So Digvijay Singh says RIGHT.  

Ram Samudre-DRF [NSSD-UOI] ([See my Blog for NSSD-UOI] Founder - President Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Democratic Rights Forum (DRF) (Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional Awareness for Trial of Public Service) email at - Twitter:democrats_forum)     21 July 2011

And those who don't want this "WORLD PROERTY" should it be given them forcefully? So those who dont want it do not allow them to be alive like "SWAMI" Aseemanand & "SAADHVI" Pragya?? and others insisting alike??? OR MISUSE THE POWERS DUE TO IN GOVERNMENT LIKE YEDIYURAPPA DOING??


Thats why the Congress has no compititor in Parliament since BJP is the party of Hindus only and not a party of Union of India.


So Digvijay Singh says RIGHT.  NO OPTION but VOTE FOR CONGRESS.


Dipangkar (Business)     22 July 2011

So here i go again uploading the same picture ...... 






Originally posted by : Dipangkar


The day when Peoples will realise that, they are only a small species of creation known as Homo-Sapien, ,,,

........ the day when they will Blast off all the religious Temples, Mosques, Maszids, Churches etc,,, 

.... ... the day when they will burn down all religious books of every Religion without any Counter-reasonings,,

............. will be the day when there will be Peace on Earth.


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The Bhagvada Gita,which simply talks about universal laws,and law of karma is being compared to "imaginary stories."


Joke of the day!




Kindly do not create unnecessary controversies here.


I did not talk about other religions at all.I only said that The Gita is scientific and talks about universal laws.But you assumed on your own that I am criticising other religions.


This is how peaceful discussions in threads get spoiled by people like you,who look for opportunities to quarrel.



Of course I have the right to appreciate any book,be it Gita,Bible,etc. if it teaches morality.No one can stop me.








To al love all. It is like giving importance to that Rama Sene chief who was spearheading troubles for young people at Mangalore. Later he was found to be the a hench man who was creating trouble , formenting communal sentiments on heavy payments from the Hindutva Brigade.

This education Minister is alerted that days of BJP Govt in the state of Karnataka after LokAyukt Report made public is numbered. He is doing what the Hindutva bosses have instructed to go hyper with communal sentiments. 

We will fools to get caught in his trap. Lets allow him to say whatever he is to say. Lets not make kARNATAKA a state of Gujarat. I am sure the people in Karnataka will send clear signals in the next election. And those interested in sending their wards to learn Sanskrit and go back another 5000 years let them be sent to GURUKULS run by Hindutva Brigade.

Jai Hind.

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the 1000 years of slavary made us so meek and timid that anything which is proudly associated with INDIA is 


700 years rule of arab & turk terrorist invaders and next 300 years rule of white colonists erased our thinking power of self superioty and brain washed to self pittiness.

can any one separate Geeta, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Upnishads as Non-Indian/ Anti- Indian?Un Indian compared to other religion's books like bible or quran.

is anything Indian in above books? do they refelect Indian ethos or our History, culture.

But Geeta dose. 

Just congress can not impose other religious books on us thats why just to equalize nehru does with this to Indian Books. (actually they are not books like above others but generation by generation students learned and passed its texts to next generations) so it can not be compared to other books.


lastly- Geeta or any other INDIAN books never asked for jehadand killing or forcefull conversion/ Jajia Tax on non belivers.


Geeta,Ramayana,Veda,Upanishads,etc were our Indian Culture.


Somehow,this culture has been lost,rather suppressed,with the coming of invaders like British,etc in India.


So much so,that we have to seek permission of OTHERS while reviving our same culture.


High time we get rid of our slavish mentality.

prince world (manager)     26 July 2011


what hindu's gave to india.



Creater of sati.

Creater of nar bali.

Consider girl as sin & bad thing. Tha's why girl infanticide rate is highest in india.

Creater of devdasi pratha.

Who fear of crossing river.

Who consider novel like ramayan & mahabharat as holy books. 

Who says RAM was born on place where today is babri mandir. Did ram was born in open ground  ? Why can't there be any ruins of a palace ?

Who worship shivling. p***s . Mother pour milk on it with his son. Father with daughter. Great.



Hinduism is a religion full of superstition . Hindus gave 36 crore god's to india & none is working for countries upliftment . 

Where nudity is considred good. 


Hindu's  think 'bhagwaan will be happy if we dance in front of them. If we sang in front of them & sing his greatness. Who think to awaken god by ringing bells lowdly. So lowdly that a deseased person can lead to death. Mandir is world's crowdest worship place.

Hindu consider ram a "god" who leave her pregnant wife alone in forest. On her destiny. Without even giving her basic aminities. What happen if a rishi didn't look after her ? where she gave birth ? What happen if wild animals eat her childs ?

Ram - What's his greatness ??

He got back his wife who was kidnapped by someone. Enough. Where is greatness in it ? Also he defeat ravan by cheating. By bringing his brother to his side. & also with

the help of some monkey army. Where's his greatness ?


Hindu's worship pandav. I don't know why ? b'coz they put on bet there wife ? B'coz someone was removing there wife's clothes & they sat quitly. Ever think what really happened there in really ? Dushasan make bropadi clothless in front of whole DARBAR. Pandav's defeat kauravs by cheating also. Bheem hit on duryodhan's thigh. Is that the only time left for bheem to fulfil his oath ? Why don't he hit inside the darbar ? Also didn't bropadi abuse duryodhan ?


Jain's in hindu. Why they wander nude ? We are human . We have a sence called shame. We are not animal who have no relation of mother & sister. Why can't there women wander nude also ? 


What is meant by bhog ? Do bhagwan become happy by bhog & make wish come true ?


Hindu's who have no sence of even wearing clothes. just roll a cloth on them. No manners. Why saree for women ? 


Hindu who didn't have a manner of cooking & eating. Forners teach them value & use of spices. 


It's due to hindu maratha's like shivaji who weaken mughals & make entry of britishers easy. They sell themselves for a little money. Mughals didn't allow anyone to entre.

Mughals make india bird of gold. What hindu gave ? All money to temples ? What god will do of it ?


Hindu who sees god in every thing. They are so depend on god & are so lazy that they leave all there work to be done by god.  


Who worship gods with special body parts. & looks scary. They think that an elephant can ride a mouse. Think snake as god. Everything who fear them they consider it as god. 

It's hinduism who stopped India's development. They are always busy in wheedling the god. 

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