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Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     22 August 2011

Is fighting corruption unislamic?

Syed Bhukhari of Jama Masjid Delhi has asked Muslims not to join the anti-corruption crusade of Anna Hazare.

The reason he gives is that Muslims cannot shout slogans such as Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai. In Islam he says that a Muslim cannot bow to or worship anything or anybody except Allah. One cannot even salute one's own mother. Do Muslims in the Police and the Armed Forces salute their bosses, or only they say Allahu Akbar whenever they meet their bosses?

In Hinduism the Vedanta says that one should not aspire for anything except salvation. Salvation means identifying oneself with Parabrahmam. There is no equivalent word for that in Islam or any other religion. One can say Godhead though it is not the correct word. But that is no bar for worshipping God in any form one likes, and doing one's vocation to sustain the economy.

I thought fight against corruption is one thing that will unite the country. But this fatwa wielding Imams appear to be out to alieniate Muslims of India from the mainstreams. One need not blame them. The "Secularists" like Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh will support him. They will try to hit two birds in one shot. One is to garner Muslim votes and the other is to break the anti-corruption movement.

Let us wait and see whether any Muslim leader counters the fatwa.


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G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     22 August 2011

Definately not 

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     22 August 2011

Corruption is definitely a menace that is eating into society, its everything. A firm law is a must. If a dispensation/s, group/s, individual/s have to be fought so be it. Bhukari ji is definitely wrong in a deliberate attempt to precipitate ill will, create a wedge.

zimmerzapper (student)     22 August 2011

if that is the case, they can participate and not shout slogans. simple.

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     22 August 2011

At the outset, yes, one need not have to shout slogans. But, let us not forget that there is a strong history wherein po-liti-ici-ans, have turned such corruption on people that it makes their blood boil. Even, this edition is fraught with it. Police went at the back!!!! Aspects pertaining so called governMINT, faces behind it, policies etc etc are NOT AT ALL as clean. The suspicion does lie on the ceasar's wife. So, some liberties, assuaging, pampering the warriors, causes is alright.

Democratic Indian (n/a)     22 August 2011

Sometimes totally irrelevant things are given unnecessary importance. If someone for some reason has a problem uttering Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai, he can instead keep quiet or say Jai Hind instead. But should certainly fight from his heart and soul against every form of corruption in this country.

aabhatuk (aabhatuk)     22 August 2011

In islamic point of curruption / bribe has haram for both parties who take or give. Islam is clear in such types of social menace,it is clear that any bad practice will abolish society. thanks.
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Zeeshan (Hidden)     23 August 2011

I feel very sad after hearing this news. That imam is a congressman. I feel shame to call him IMAM. He make me feel shame. That type of creature has spolied reputation of islam. They have no link with islamism . Except to cook there politics. Bukhari is him self corrupt. Ask him accountability of fund he get in the name if construction on jama-masjid. 

Imam of devband & fatehpiri masjid ask muslims to join this movement. They have no problem. But that creep bukhari poke his nose in between. I don't know who make him imam. 


There is no one who forced us to chant vande mataram or bharat mata ki jai. There are many opther slogan like inqalab zindabad, hinsustan zindabad. Jai hind etc.etc. 

I have no words to abuse that person.....................................


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Democratic Indian (n/a)     23 August 2011

A very good answer has been given by Advocate Nadeem Qureshi at that either Shahi Imam has lost his mental ability or those who are giving importance to his message have lost their mental ability. As I have already said sometimes totally irrelevant things are given unnecessary importance. People of this country are very wise now and under no circumstances are going to be swayed by these type of tricks.

If we read the following news item we will find that muslims as well people from every section of the society are fully supporting Anna. The following link clearly proves it beyond any doubt I put the entire news item below:

New Delhi:  It seems the message from the top Muslim cleric hasn't spread well among the community. A day after Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid, pointed out that slogans such as 'Vande Mataram' and 'Bharat Mata ki Jai', staples of Anna's campaign, did not make Muslims any comfortable, more and more people from the community are flocking to the Ramlila Maidan.


The 'anti'-effect of Bukhari's message was such that a Muslim MLA from Okhla resigned from his party and joined the crowd at Ramlila Maidan. Former RJD MLA Asif Mohammad Khan said, "There are two ways to go. One is to support the movement and another is to toe the party line. I chose the first one, sensing the people's mood."

The leader said he was miffed over party leader Lalu Prasad's stand on the issue and he himself did not want to go against people's wishes. "I am people's elected representative and will always be with them," he said.

On Bukhari asking Muslims not to join Anna's protest, Khan requested clerics not to give such statements. "I would request him not to divide people on religious lines. Anna's voice is also the voice of common Muslim. I request him to respect it."

Disgruntled Bukhari

Contending that communalism was a bigger a threat to India than corruption, Bukhari asked Anna why he and his campaign managers did not do more to involve Muslims in their anti-graft movement.

"The Gandhian needed to learn more from the Mahatma on how to spin all sections of the society together in a mass movement. I very much believe that corruption needs to be weeded out of the country. It is equally important to tackle communalism by addressing the problems of Muslims," said Bukhari.

Complaining there was no effort on part of the campaign leaders to involve the community into their fold, the cleric said, "Why not raise more inclusive slogans like Hindustan Zindabad or Jai Hind."

Feeding frenzy
Meanwhile, a large number of fasting Muslim volunteers were seen feeding hungry protesters at the venue. Iqbal (23), a volunteer in one of the kitchens, was seen distributing food to supporters on Sunday. "This is our struggle for freedom. I have kept my roza, but that does not deter me from feeding all these people."

Maqsood Ull Hasan Qasmi, president of the Imam Council of India, who was present at Ramlila Maidan, asked fellow Muslims to come out in support of Anna. "We all are equal sufferers in this. This is our second freedom struggle," he said while addressing the gathering.

NAVDEEP SINGH SRAN (student)     23 August 2011

IS there any other type of way or method available in ISLAM to stop corruption apart from anna hazare styleOR corruption will be finishe by TALIBAN style

Democratic Indian (n/a)     24 August 2011

Talibanic style is the biggest form of corruption, murder of democracy and freedom of the people. Practically nobody is giving importance to what Syed Ahmed Bukhari has said. Let us ignore it. People from all sections of the society are backing Anna Hazare.
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Kundan Kr. Singh (Advocate)     24 August 2011

Respected member

Syed bukhari is a not leader of entire muslim community.he only represents as a immam of Jama masjid nothing else.He is a anti sicial need to pay attention of his statememt .Ignore him.

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Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     24 August 2011

Media reports create so much of imbalance and is fully potent of calamities. A set of guidelines need to be framed for media.

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     25 August 2011

Don't blame media. Syyed Bhukhari has actually said it. He has not denied it.

Dipangkar (Business)     26 August 2011


If i remember correctly, I have read somewhere in the past that Muslims too shouted "Vande Mataram" and "Bharat Mata ki Jai" in the struggles against the British. Where was this Syed Bhukhari at that time ????


Indian Muslims should Kick Syed Bhukhari out of India, for Peoples like him are those who are always responsible for breaking the communial & Religious harmony in India. Syed Bhukhari must be a cent per cent Congress-I. 


I assume that, Sonia must have contacted Him by phone a lot, regarding for a policy to break Anna's movement. The division of Religions & Caste-Creeds are often applied as an Divide & Rule policy in India, whenever the Govt. has to face any Civil problem. Why not ask Syed Bhukhari, where is Sonia  hiding, in the name of Sickness ??

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