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Sachin RAM (Family)     31 January 2013

I need urgent help please suggest me

Hi All Law Experts,

I'm from Hindu community, I was in Love before 5 years & got registered marriage hastily without Parents Knowledge in JAN-2010, she never living with me in my house as a my Wife, still my Parents unaware about this marriage, we had physical relation more time but out side of house becasue parents unaware from this, we were always discussed on phone, from last 1 & 1/2 years I  realised I was wrong because of her behaivour and she always ran the orders on me also always Use of abiusive language to me and my parents and my family, I never think I got married but due to my hastily decision Now Im married on document, She always demanding money and blackmeling me & saying I can disturb your whole life as well as Family, I have transfered more than RS.75K in from my Bank Account to her Account, Now I am not intrested  to stay with her thats why I tried to convence her for destroy this relation by MCD, 1st she was agree but Now she is not agree & constantly fighting with me on Phone, seriously my life totaly disturb due to my mistake, I can get her at my home but I'm totally afraid due to her wrong behaivour, Please help me and advice how to get out of this marriage ASAP, I am totally mad, My life was lot more peaceful but now i'm too disturb. 1 more thing my parent are looking bride for me, but I'm totally afraid due to this hidden relation, Is it possible to re-marry without giving divorce ? I know it's not possible although I am asking

Please help me and advice how to get out of this marriage

Thanks in Advance


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rahul (director)     31 January 2013

It's not easy thing,

you are into mess untill she agree for MCD on settlement money.


Sachin RAM (Family)     31 January 2013

Is there any valid grounds for me, I want file divorce case because she is not agree for MCD ? Sachin

Advocate M.Bhadra   31 January 2013

Since your marriage is registered  then Mutual Consent Divorce is the best option by paying one time alimoy which may be amicably settled,failing which you can file a suit for Annulment fo Marrigae on nullity ground, but you have to prove that the marriage was not consummated.You can seek alternative relief by filing a Divorce Suit on contest though there is every chance your wife may file a counter criminal case u/sec.498a well as maintenance case u/sec.125 Cr.P.C.

Chetan Joshi (Advisory/Advocacy)     31 January 2013

Sachin, First of all there is no ASAP way to get out of the marriage. You will have to go through the DIVORCE route.



You have cruelty as a ground for filing divorce...I would suggest you to not seem vulnerable infront of your wife, she may terrorize you......





Sachin RAM (Family)     01 February 2013

can I file divorce in Nagpur Court because register marrige was done in nagpur but She is Living in another city (Pusad), Can wife will ask for trasnfer peititon to PUSAD, We dont want to go there because I will fill unsecured

Chetan Joshi (Advisory/Advocacy)     01 February 2013

Yes you can file it in Nagpur(place of solemenization)....She can always file a transfer petition....





Sachin RAM (Family)     01 February 2013

Thanks Chetan Sir,


I contacted Local Advocate, they saying I can apply for Annulment fo Marrigae on nullity ground or desertion because she never live with you, but some time I have transfered some money to her Account that's means I was touch with her this thing will ask me by her Advocate then what should I do? I am too worry, I can't  see any way to get out from this, in same time  my parents looking bride for me, I am in big trouble now, which ground is valid for taking divorce.

I feel unsafe there if she will ask for trasnfer peititon to PUSAD, I dont want to go there, Can I oppose her trasnfer peititon, I will be ready to give her traveling expence but dont want to go there. 



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